First of all, I'm really sick and tired of being SICK AND TIRED!
Second of all, I'm really fucking sick of being fucked around by teachers... get your shit straight and make up your mind, your a teacher, do your job! </rage>


The Hangover II

So, yesterday, out of the blue, I get a message asking if I'd like to see a film, the last time I saw a film was in 2010 when I was overseas in wales, I saw inception, it was rather interesting.

Anyway, the movie was pretty good, it was basically the same film all over again, with the exception of sparing us of the annoying introductions of people we already knew.

I'd say, if you haven't seen the first film before, and you're worried if you'll get the jokes of the second one or not without actually watching it, don't, because the only thing you won't understand are about two or three references, apart from that you're good.



My Website

My Website has been updated, It's been long overdue for a do-over and that has now happened, even if it is extremely minor, go have a look and let me know what you think =)


It's... ALIVE!

Recently my original hard drive (the one that came with the computer) decided to kick the bucket... while I was at a LAN party... well a little before then, but until the lan party nothing seriously bad happened, anyway, today (yesterday) I got two shiny new hard drives, 1 is 500gb and the other, 1 terabyte, lets hope these new gems last longer then their predecessors because if they don't I'm not going to be a happy chappy...

But anyway, back to the point, normally when you buy a new hard drive you have to go through the annoying stages of getting your shit back to the way you like it, and without an imaging/ghosting program you're going to bet your bottom dollar that even then, it's not going to be the way that you wanted it (things on the desktop in a different order to what you put them in when you backed up your drive, drives partitioned correctly... etc, etc.)

Well, if you have a program called Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 then all your issues are pretty much solved (all except for validation of windows if you've cracked it) and you have the option of either doing it after you've installed windows or before you've even formatted the drive/s...

here's a link to their site 


Raspberry Pi

Sounds delicious, don't you think?
Well, it gets better, muuch better... well... if you're into computers anyway, the Raspberry Pi is a computer system the size of a thumb drive. it's specs are:

700MHz ARM11,
128MB of SDRAM,
OpenGL ES 2.0,
1080p30 H.264 high-profile decode,
Composite and HDMI video output,
USB 2.0,
SD/MMC/SDIO memory card slot,
General-purpose I/O, and
Open software (Ubuntu, Iceweasel, KOffice, Python)

It was created for the purpose of teaching children the basic principles of programming so that once they grow up they're not completely brain dead computer wise in the future... unlike some of the people now are... which I actually found quite amusing as it's always funny watching someone point a mouse at a screen and commanding it to work for them...

more information on this computer can be found here



Okay, well, while I'm actually on here, I might as well give you all an update of sorts... for those people who do actually read my blabbering and somehow are able to understand my gibberish...

On Saturday the 30th of April I went to a LAN party hosted by SGL (Sydney Gamers League) and Maquarie University, it was awesome... up until my computer decided to (more or less) bite the dust... which means I'm in need of a new hard drive/computer if I wish to pass my media and communications course in TAFE and get into uni.... which I REALLY WANT TO DO! (Yes, I even surprise myself with that response)

But yeah, enjoy some photo's of the event... of which I did not take