Remember how I said that I would never write poetry here?

Well, I lied.

"Damn I'm so smooth "

People call me the prince of smooth, nothing and no one is smoother than I, if there were to be such a person they would have to die….t

I’m smoother than a babies backside, only without the shit at the end, a curve and a bend.

Let’s pretend I can rhyme; use the thyme I spend with you to sew the seeds of divine bovine intervention while talking about steam and intervene with horrible love creatine.

This my friends, is why I never write poetry. hahahaha.



So. Recently I've become obsessive over SSTV due to playing portal and portal 2, it's actually a really amazing technology, almost completely useless in today's world though because of the ease of internet and such, but, it's still pretty cool when you want to be cryptic and such...

What it is, is transmitting a visual image through audible sound waves, it's completely analogue, which means interference is going to be a thing to easily come across, but it's not going to completely ruin the image, it also means you are able to do a few really cool things with it, such as introduce it to music and send things over the net without everyone realising what you've done unless they know what to listen for...

Here's a recent picture of what I transmitted for testing purposes.

Because of how SSTV works, all you need to be able to decode it is a computer (or smartphone) with a working microphone and a program to do the decoding MixW is what I use on my computer, there's a program on android phones too, but they ask for money to use it, which isn't really worth it for the limited abilities it possess... (however, it DOES transmit and receive which is still pretty good)