My Website and the end of the world

For quite a while I used to have my own website hosted on a site called "Chocoboheaven", for most of this year (If not, maybe all of it) the website has been down (and so has mine). I am going to assume that this is because the owners of the site have stopped payment of the server, and because of such a reason, have been removed from the net.

For the moment, I am currently hosting my website at another location, but the downtime and access of this server is currently ridiculously horrible and unreliable, so don't really expect much from it.

You can access the new server at nokel.twilightparadox.com:81

If the site doesn't load straight away, don't worry, just go into the link and press enter, I had to make the port 81 because the default (80) is blocked by ISP for some unknown reason... Probably so I don't host my own website because they're greedy whores...

However, if the website doesn't load at all, it's probably because the computer has been shutdown...

As I said, don't expect much from it at the moment, it's only temporary.

P.S. if you don't know about this site, you're missing out on the countdown to "the end of the world".


Proud owner of a Wii-U

It's finally happened, I have been able to afford something expensive and pay it off without any help from my parents!

As of yesterday (8:30am 30th November 2012) I am the proud owner of a Nintendo Wii-U Premium Console, and at $420 it wasn't cheap either.

Have some pictures, but please, if you use them for anything credit me please!


unimportant thought update

I'm really not feeling all that great today, I can't really explain why, but today was just a really horrible day.

I feel as though I'm not able to do anything right, like everything I do is just hopeless, what's more is that I still feel ridiculously stressed about what happened today at work... Even though it's been over for a good eight hours already I just can't shake it and it's kind of really getting to me...


Babbeling about thoughts

I'm going to write this here because I want to get it out, but I don't want everyone to see this, and I know how many people see my blog on an average basis. It's not many haha.


I just want to say, I'm really happy at the moment... kind of scared shitless that it's going to end the same way it normally does, but really freaking happy. I haven't felt like this in a very long time, I'm not going to go as far as saying "My life now has purpose" though, because it still doesn't, but I have an even bigger reason not to just one day stop existing... Yeah, I'm aware of how selfish suicide is, but when you feel really unwanted and at the same time annoyed by everything, you just kind of want to just stop feeling anything, plus being rejected from every job you've previously applied for numerous times really gets to you because you feel even more unwanted, as well as useless... I mean, it's really nice sleeping in, but when you don't have a real purpose to wake up, why do so?

And don't think to me that the purpose of waking up when you're jobless is to go out and find a job. It isn't. Fuck you. ~grump~

But don't think that this post is about me being upset and wanting horrible things to happen to myself, while I am feeling a little under the weather at the moment, I am actually feeling really amazingly happy, just because I've found two things that I believed would never happen again*, plus I found something extra that I wasn't even remotely expecting! I'VE GOT NEW FRIENDS! People that find me appealing always make me really happy because I'm always second guessing myself and believe that I'm not interesting, so these two months (October and November) have been really amazing, and just plain wonderful.

*A kickarse girlfriend, and a sweet job that pays decently


Blogger has decided to erase all of my pageview stats

Is this for everyone? or am I just special? I'm quite confused because I used to have something like 5k views and now I see only 1... thankfully my other statistic counter still works fine and is telling me that I haven't been living a delusion for the past few years haha.


Silent Hill: Downpour

Hooray! I've finally finished this game!, I got it on Tuesday the 25th of September (a month later than it should have been) and started playing it on Wednesday the 26th because I had to hand in an assignment on Tuesday... which I didn't actually do until wednesday because I have a horrible time concentrating for some reason... 99% sure it's not A.D.D. though lol... 

But yeah, while I really enjoyed playing this game, I find things that really fucking annoyed me... for instance, the fighting controls, as well as the more than occasional glitching... but that could have also been due to the hot weather over heating the playstation... the loading screens were ridiculously long as well... apart from that, the story and overall enjoyability of the game was great! I really had fun with the game, and even though it got horribly difficult closing the end, if they hadn't done it, the game would have been such a big flop in my opinion...

So, if you've been thinking of purchasing this game, and see if on sale at a game store, I recommend you play it!

It was much better than homecoming horror-wise.


Livestream, I am now LIVE

Yes, that's right, you saw correctly, now you have the chance to talk to me in person!

I am now in possession of a shiny new livestream account, I said that I'd do it one day, and now I am able to! Thank intel for i7 CPUs! honestly, I could not be able to do it without the new chip, the old one (even though it was a quadcore and worked amazingly) would not have even remotely been able to do this well enough!

but yeah, I'll try to get a regular streaming time going, but it will also depend on mood and if I have time to... etc...

Watch live streaming video from Nokel at livestream.com


Remember how I said that I would never write poetry here?

Well, I lied.

"Damn I'm so smooth "

People call me the prince of smooth, nothing and no one is smoother than I, if there were to be such a person they would have to die….t

I’m smoother than a babies backside, only without the shit at the end, a curve and a bend.

Let’s pretend I can rhyme; use the thyme I spend with you to sew the seeds of divine bovine intervention while talking about steam and intervene with horrible love creatine.

This my friends, is why I never write poetry. hahahaha.



So. Recently I've become obsessive over SSTV due to playing portal and portal 2, it's actually a really amazing technology, almost completely useless in today's world though because of the ease of internet and such, but, it's still pretty cool when you want to be cryptic and such...

What it is, is transmitting a visual image through audible sound waves, it's completely analogue, which means interference is going to be a thing to easily come across, but it's not going to completely ruin the image, it also means you are able to do a few really cool things with it, such as introduce it to music and send things over the net without everyone realising what you've done unless they know what to listen for...

Here's a recent picture of what I transmitted for testing purposes.

Because of how SSTV works, all you need to be able to decode it is a computer (or smartphone) with a working microphone and a program to do the decoding MixW is what I use on my computer, there's a program on android phones too, but they ask for money to use it, which isn't really worth it for the limited abilities it possess... (however, it DOES transmit and receive which is still pretty good)



So yesterday I watched Ted for the first time for anyone who isn't aware, it's created by Seth MacFarlane, who is the creator of Family Guy, American Dad, and The Cleveland show...
I somewhat enjoyed it, but not really overly, it's basically like watching any of his other shows... they all have the same jokes in them, so it's really nothing new honestly...
I know it's a movie and all, but there was one major thing at the end that really just made me want to scream "WHAT THE HELL, MAN?!" at the end, and that's when Ted is climbing up a pole to get away from some dude who wants Ted for his possessed son... why the hell didn't ted just jump off the pole once he was high enough? Nothing would have happened to him, there would be no concussion, no broken bones, no rupturing of spleens, the wish didn't change the fact that he was still a stuffed bear... also, how did Ted even eat for that matter? he didn't have a stomach... or lungs, no wonder he never got high... it's just... I don't even... logic and films... Why did I even bother...



I just got a message from someone on dA asking for my email address... all it said was...
"Do you have an email"
Yes, of course I have an email, everyone who has an account on the internet has an email address... It's not like it isn't a standard thing...
What I would have preferred the email address to say is something more like...
"Hey, I just saw your account on dA, and this is crazy, but here's my email address, can I have yours pl0x?"
To which I would have replied...
"Sure" instead of what I did actually reply with...
"I do, yes, but I don't use it much, why do you ask?"
which isn't actually a lie because the email account I had in mind is my spam address... so, lulz, that's why I don't use it much ;P


"Your browser is no longer supported"

Oh really? Well google, your services are no longer needed, how about that.
If you're going to spout more shit to me about how your crappy browser is better than the others then I don't want to use any of your junk any longer, so long whatever use of google plus and blogger I still used, I'm going back to tumblr and going to continue using opera.


Small update

As long as everything is still going somewhat to plan, I will be having one of my friends from overseas over for about 2 weeks to a month, I'm not exactly sure of the details, but either way I'm still pretty excited. I plan to take her to certain places in NSW and if my parents have a problem with it then they can just kick me out, they're not the ones paying for the adventure... which will actually be a first, oh shii- .


Computer officially died today 5/6/2012

It turns out that none of the cards on my computer are faulty, so after taking everything apart and plugging the chassis back in with only it's main things connected, my computer still decides to have a hissy fit and go in an infinite loop of on and off...
I've decided that I'll just take everything out and pray to any listening deity that I'll get a new (and just as good, if not better) computer that isn't broken and won't throw a fit for another 4-5 years... hopefully many many more than that though...
At the moment I'm attempting to use my brother's computer as a back up desktop... but that seems to not be working either... le sigh...
I'm pretty stressed and annoyed at the moment... stupid law assignment killing my brain cells... DON'T THEY KNOW I NEED MY BRAIN FOR MORE IMPORTANT THINGS?! things like my constant computer issues...


Threadless design competition

Hey, I've designed a shirt for threadless, I'd love it if you could help me get this out~!
Ra - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More


Day three of seven

Well, tonight is the end of day three, I find it a little releaving that I am actually able to control myself when I'm offered a choice because if i can say no to coke and drink water instead without any second thoughts then it means no one else should have the same problem, but caffeine should be no problem seeing as I've had absolutely zero caffeine since Saturday as well, dropping that too has been a little hard but still nothing anyone should have a real issue with, apart from waking up in the morning... Or staying awake during the day haha, but I guess that's a personality thing, I dunno, drop a comment if you truly think otherwise, I'm always open for a discussion.


Going a week without

Today is the start of the new week... I know I said that I'd cease all social media events, but it would seem as though I do actually need them... so that's not going to happen.

What IS going to happen, is that I'm not going to have any coke, for the whole week... and anyone that knows me will be aware that I am not a "go any day without coke" kinda guy... so going a week is going to be quite hard...

I think I'll drop poker this week as well... Seeing as you can't just pay the people for more chips, you have to buy something to get the stamps to get the chips... ah well...

We'll see how I go...


I'm pretty sure I used to have a blogspot (UPDATE)

So, it turns out that I did actually have another blogspot account and that I'm an idiot and forgot which email was signed up to it, oh well, there was really nothing on it, and the fact that I made a new one with the gmail account I'm using now has saved me a great deal of time with account migration and shit, seriously, what the hell google... Y U CHANGE WHAT WORKS?!

anyway, enough of that...

Have some pictures of things done this week...

Aw/es/ome (9/27/10)

Last night was my 19th birthday party, It was quite awesome as it was the first proper teenaged party I've ever had, seeing as my parents don't really seem to like my music and pretty much always expect the worst situation to happen... which isn't really such a bad idea... given my track record with bad things happening to me :/

but ya know


I've worked out what I'm going to do next week

I've decided to deactivate all my social networking accounts for a week... Well, all the ones that will deactivate with the ability to correctly reactivate safely haha.

let's see how long I'll last... Also, this is excluding blogger... For obvious reasons...


Upcoming events and a little on icecream sandwich

Soon there shall be another person living in my house that isn't related to me, this will be the first time in about five years that something like this has happened... Also, this time I'll be travelling around showing her the sites which will be rather interesting because I've wanted to go out adventuring for a while now, so I'm quite excited!

Also, in other news, the new firmware for Android has been released in Australia for Samsung phones which is awesome because gingerbread had an annoying amount of things it couldn't/wouldn't do and this one can/will I've only found a few annoying things so far such as; reduced battery time, lagging on certain events, lack of screen capture, lack of option to reduce screen brightness to minimum, no roboto font or option to use it, no option of panorama camera and a few others... I would like these things to be fixed, but unless a significant amount of other people agree, I don't see it happening unfortunately...


Me? A constant downer?

Yes, It's really not surprising... I know it, most of my friends know it, any regular reader of my blog would most likely have realised it, I am a constant down looker on society.

Nothing seems to really impress me anymore... It's like, as soon as I turned 15 I slowly started to view the world as a giant turd and it's just slowly started getting worse and worse...

Now, people always seem to tell me that I should look on the brighter side of it all... and you know what? If I were to do that, I don't think I'd be able to live with myself...

Think of it this way, If I have 33 bananas and the government told me that I needed more, I'd ask "why the hell do I have 33 bananas in the first place, I don't even eat them" obviously I would be lying, because I do actually like bananas... but only like... once in a blue moon...

and that's why I don't like dancing... No no, in fact, I love it, oh yes.


Hey Tesco, I give you full permission to use my pictures on one condition.

You might have seen this on the news, or heard it on twitter, or possibly not at all...
The major UK supermarket chain "Tesco" has decided to sell the image of a 22-year old girl on a range of shirts completely without her knowledge or express permission, the girl's blog states that the artwork on the blog (unless stated otherwise) is created by her, and unless she gets an email, she does not give anyone permission to use her work commercially...

Well, y'know what?

I give you permission Tesco, you can use MY images... on the condition that you give me 5% of the sales profit... you can do anything with my images except put me in a bad light... That I don't give you permission to do, but anything else is A-OK to me =D




Just a little side note for everyone

You might have noticed that I seem horribly awkward around people, well, that would be because I have absolutely no idea how I should act around people when I first meet them, so I try to act cool and calm and hide away from people until I get a decent idea of how to act around them... Which usually gives them the idea that I'm being all creepy and judgemental, while I am being judgemental, it's not you in general that I'm judging, it's your personality and how I should act around you that I'm trying to determine, honest to god, I have no interest in loosing friends, that's the exact opposite of what my intentions are, so please, remove any idea of that from your mind...

While I do try to attain most of my own personality which (I hate to admit) might be on the 'fucked' end of the spectrum, I do try to be as least socially awkward as I can help... unfortunately this means that if I haven't met you for very long I have to gauge what is, and isn't considered "acceptable" with you... which usually turns out very badly for me... seeing as I have my list of things that if were to ever come up while in a conversation I have the sudden uncontrollable urge to go "NO, YOU ARE WRONG GOOD SIR/MA'AM, THESE ARE THE REASONS WHY I PROTEST AND ETCETERA, GOOD DAY TO YOU!" even if the person is right or expressing their own opinion... Which, believe it or not, I believe everyone is entitled to... even though it might actually not look like the case...

So yeah, if I say something that might be a little off colour or forget to say something such as "please" or "thank you" it's not because I'm purposely trying to be horribly rude, It's because I'm horribly worried about things and have actually forgotten... It will happen a lot and I apologise in advance for coming off as incredibly creepy, please, say something to me if you find the case as such and I will attempt to better myself!

Thank you for your time.

If I come off as awkward/creepy/rude, please understand that I'm confused as how to act around you and it's not on purpose, sorry in advance. HURR!

The Pursuit of Everlasting Knowledge

I don't really have anything to title this post with, so I'm going to stay with this...

Regular blogging is to keep the blog regular and somewhat worth while to read... and seeing as you're here, you've either stumbled upon it and decided that you want information about a movie or a game, or were curious about something I've mentioned...

This week marks the second week I have been at uni since I officially started on Monday last week. In that time I have acquired 10 hours or driving exp. and have had 20 hours of learning time alone... With ridiculous waits in between those times of waiting hours for the next lectures... Which I do and do not mind so much... for example; on Monday to Wednesday I have friends I can talk to, on Thursday to Friday I do not, which would be the annoying part... but I can cope, it's not really THAT bad.

Today was a rather awesome day, my friends and I were conversing and a little while later a guy come up to us and informs us that there is to be a pursuit of trivia, A "trivial pursuit" if you will... and us, being the knowledgeable fellows we are decided to take this man up on his challenge and answer the questions he asked us (and a room full of other people) ... long (and rather humorous) story short, we ended up winning first place because of how much SHEER AWESOME WE PUMPED INTO THAT GOD DAMN PIECE OF PAPER! FUCK YEAH!


First day of University


First day of Uni was today, I have to say, It could not have gone off any better, after the first lecture I made insta-friends, seriously, people wait entire lifetimes before finding a bunch of people who like the same things as much as you do to the same point (if not a little more) than you do, I have definitely found the right course to do, my tafe friends are great, but these people are honestly the most amazing people I have met in a very long time... although knowing me, I'm going to do something and fuck it up really badly, I always do... It'll most likely turn out to be something as small as someone finding this and being all like "WOAH, WHAT THE HELL?! I know I have a little bit of a messed sense of humour, but this guy is ridiculous... "

Second worst case scenario that is haha

But yeah, we were watching SHED.MOV on youtube, and that's when I knew for sure that I had met the holy grail of people I could be myself around with (for a second time)

Seriously, watch it, the whole series is fucking hilarious.

Actual learning wise, basically the whole course is a giant wank, assuming I can get my head around writing essays... Which for some reason I've never been able to do correctly... I just have to attempt at least a credit average and I'll be able to go overseas for exchange, which'll be hella fun assuming I'm able to go where I'd like to go...

I could not have hoped for a better first day!


The Last Story

Okay, first off, I don't care how popular this is with Europeans, the voice acting is absolutely horrible, I don't think I've seen/heard worse in a game series, what the hell were they thinking putting 20 year old cockney British accents on people who were obviously not British nor the age they sounded, they should have just kept the Japanese voices with the subtitles... which leads me onto part two... By changing what the characters said in the EU games meant that you had to basically rewrite the story, this is something that makes game story lines fail really badly, because the story isn't completely told correctly and things are left out, I really hate it when something is supposed to be really emotional and the European voice actor/director decides that's It's perfectly fine to lengthen what the character is saying by putting words in that aren't supposed to be there in the first place, it completely ruins the whole feeling and is just bad, stop it... Please!

The same goes with Animé, unless you're going to cast the character voices properly, I suggest you don't do it at all.

Apart from the voice acting, the games visual element is pretty awesome, It's what I would like to see in more Nintendo games, instead of all the colourful nonsense, you're going the right way if you don't want to see your company last very long in the first party sense...


Just a few words to show that I'm still alive

There's a reason why I'm so forgetful all the time.

It's because my sleeping patterns are ballistic, seriously, I don't know how people stay sane living like this, it doesn't make any sense to me... But, if I try to sleep at a good time... say something like going to bed at 8pm, I'll wake up at 1am the next day and regret it because I won't be able to go back to sleep again, it's not because I've had enough sleep either, it's just that my body won't let me... Which annoys me a lot seeing as for the rest of the day everything becomes a chore and.. just... urgh... It's not that I'm lazy, because I'm really not, it's just I have absolutely no energy to do anything ...

Also, all this shit about piracy taking money from artists and such is a bunch of bullshit, If someone likes your stuff, they're going to support you, if they don't, then they're going to delete the item anyway, technically no-one is loosing any money, everyone is just doing what they used to do, which is share something around and show people something they think is cool, the people who agree with the person that showed them will (eventually) buy the product, thus helping the person who created the product and everyone included in the price tagged... also, if you REALLY want to make money from a consumer, BANNING and CENSORING something isn't going to make them want to BUY the fucking product, it'll make them want to steal it even more, just out of spite... What happened to the days when people did things like make music and perform for the sake of making music and performing? Artists and producers should get money for actually making GOOD MUSIC or GOOD TV/MOVIES, shit music like "born this way" by "lady gaga" or god awful TV shows like "modern family" should NOT be funded based on the amount of dvd sales or advertising money they get, they should be funded by "if you (the consumer) agree they should be funded" by watching/listening to it first, and if you really liked it THEN you pay for it, otherwise you don't and that's the end of that.

I'm sick of hearing about the latest tantrum a celebrity has had because some jewel studded aeroplane has just come out and they don't have enough money to buy it, they should work in a REAL job and then understand that life isn't as fucking easy as they might like to think it is, just because you're worth a bundle of money doesn't mean you have to act like a fucking child when things don't go your way, and as for the people who actually go around and make celebrities their life by reading about them in the newspaper and then changing their lifestyle to match the ritch person's?

Stop it, you stupid fucking idiot, their life is so small it's not funny, they make MOVIES, they don't make important things like spoons, forks, trucks, houses, electricity or any of that shit, your husband/wife who works at the fucking BOX FACTORY down the road is more important than some 2-bit retard who can change their voice or personality to suit some roll for others to watch...

Sure, movies and music are a nice thing, I'm not saying that they aren't, but that's all they are, the people who make them can be impressive, but that doesn't mean they're important or should be important... unless they're a rocket scientist, or a new age genius as well... In which case, I tip my hat to you good sir/ma'am you are one of the very few people who actually matter and can do something to actually help humanity instead of make their life numb and happy for about 1.5 hours



I should be moving soon

My plan for this year is to move out of my current home and live on campus, beating the 2 hour wait between my place and Penrith and removing the constant/moderate annoyance of my brother/family, Sure, I love them and whatever, but I can't study at home, it's next to impossible with everything that goes on here...

Once I move into Penrith campus I'm going to try and set up my own TV, Radio, Data stream on my own LAN and see how that pans out, I doubt it'll take off... but one can hope/dream, plus it'd be cool making somewhat of a name of myself (apart from "that guy who was on the footy show those three times" or "that guy who used to make them videeoohs on yoohtoobe" etc.)


Life Update: University

I am now officially a uni student, now all I need to do is get this "advanced standing" crap processed... although it would appear that to do so would mean you have the IQ of the four most intelligent people in the world... plus their computers because to do anything of the sort seems almost impossible... which is quite annoying...


New TV

Sounds a bit lame, but this one was COMPLETELY FREE, it was quite awesome, and now I've moved the old CRT computer screen which means BIG COMPUTER SCREEN WITH PIP!

I'm quite proud of my find ;P