Life update

So yeah, I haven't really been on here lately as anyone who regularly reads my blog would know, so i've decided to give you a mildly detailed update on what's happening...

1. I've decided that I'm going to attempt to get into university at UWS doing fine arts or something along the lines of the artistic nature.

2. I started playing Mass Effect 2 and it really is as good as the second one, I'm not going to say that it's better though... because it's not, it's basically the same game only the graphics, storyline and a few of the characters have changed

3. during the recent two months, I have started learning/playing texas hold 'em poker, I must say, it's pretty fun hauling all those chips in when you win a round... even if you don't always get alot all the time... but that's not the point, on monday I went to a game and was awarded a seat in the regional game, I'm really excited because luck really isn't my strong suite haha

but yeah, Hope you're all doing well and if I don't post anything before the 31st HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! =D

also, only two or so more years until well all die in some awesomely tragic way hoooraaaaayyyyy~
thanks Mayans for not telling us how we're all going to die though... I like spoilers... to an extent


A small note

Merry Christmas Everyone, Happy Holidays
Hope you all have a wonderful day =)


Part two... I guess

I'd just like to put in that I've finished watching all of the episodes of fringe up to date and I must say, if you love the X-Files, but don't feel like the whole 'it all a conspiracy' thing, then you'll absolutely love it!

There are also two bands that I'd also like to mention that people should listen to;
      Siouxsie and the Banshees
      The Sisters of Mercy

If you're a fan of Mindless self indulgence, and have listened to the song 'Bitches' you'll notice that part the song "Happy House" by Siouxsie and the banshees has been sampled in it. In my opinion it's rather marvellously done as I love both of those songs and bands exponentially

here are some links to the songs that I like by the previously said bands

Siouxsie and the Banshees
Happy House

Mindless Self Indulgence
Straight to video
Never Wanted to Dance

The Sisters of Mercy
The temple of love

Just the right amount

So, apparently our ISP has upgraded our 20gb (50gb max) plan to 1,000,000mb (976gb) , unfortunately our plan is still as slow as fuck and only one computer can really surf at a decent speed at a time, but, saying that doesn't really give credit to the download I made today, it's only happened once before, but I hit the max limit of our modem for 5 whole minutes (2.0mb/s) ... to everyone in the united states... or basically everyone outside of Australia and NZ, that wouldn't really be impressive, but over here, the only time that occurs is when you download something from a server over here, and even then it's not even that high... it's only about 600kb/s ... so yeah, I was rather fond of getting a 4 gig file in under 20 minutes...

Thinking about the past experiences of our internet's download history I hope my father wasn't ripped off again... because that would be rather annoying...

(Just so you can get an Idea of what I mean when I say 'ripped off')

In 2002 we changed over from dial-up to Cable internet (the same speed we get now, by the way)
The plan started off at 50mb a month for $20... some how, during that time before I was aloud to use the cable internet dad never went over the limit... even though he always downloaded stupid emails containing loads of images and also stock exchange, and mum was using web mail) The hard drive of that computer was 20gb, the hard drive of mine was 4gb... so there's a blast from the past (mum still uses that laptop and I still have the hard drive of the old computer)

That previously mentioned plan didn't change until about 2004 when dad couldn't stand the amount of times I was telling him that 50mb is shit and no one with a right mind would pay $20 a month for it when they could get something waaaay better for the same price, something like 20gb...

Still my father didn't listen, he kept telling me that the plan was fine etc etc, then dad, finally caving decided to upgrade... but not to 20gb for a little more, no, that's too good for us at the time, he decided to get 2gb for $20 (with the same speed modem) ... we somehow lived with it... even though we were always going over...

about 2 years ago (middle of 2008), dad decided that he was sick of going over all the time again, so he decided to make our plan better by upgrading it... he got a 15gb plan for $90 monthly with our phone included, that plan stayed for a little while until he realized that we were still going over, he then got a 15gb plan that didn't slow down until 30gb but we had to pay per mb until we reached 30gb, then it slowed down to 57kbps until the start of this month .

We now apparently have 1,000,000 mb (976gb) to use a month for $129 with our phone included... It seems like some sort of wonderful dream, because this doesn't happen... but I suppose the speed limit is the reality kicking in :/

So in short,
      2002 to 2004 = 50mb @ 2mbps
      2004 to 2008 =  2gb   @ 2mbps
      2008 to 2008 = 15gb  @ 2mpbs
      2008 to 2010 = 30gb  @ 2mbps
      2010  -  now  = 976gb@ 2mbps

Anyone else know their internet history? because the only reason I remember mine is because I remember everyone going on about how awesome their 20gb plan was because they could play runescape, watch youtube, go to funnyjunk, download music and video's and all I could do was stinge off people until the end of the month...

also, don't get the wrong idea, I'm not gloating about this, nor and I asking for sympathy, I was just in need a rant and possibly an outlook of what other people's plans were like and how much they had to pay for an internet plan.

At the moment I can't back up my story with a picture because the ISP's site is down for maintenance unfortunately, but when it's back up, if anyone would like proof, I'd be more then happy to show evidence.



Every time I watch a show involving complex scientific theories, I get inspired to do things, I also get chatty and start making theories of my own... so, if you have any theories on pan dimensional beings, black holes, alternative dimensions, gods... any of such theories, I'd like to hear them


Photography keeps me somewhat sane

So, yeah...
Today, during the time I was walking through the bushland that links the two places closest to me I decided that it would be a good time to take some photo's... seeing as the best time to take photo's of anything is in twilight (sunset), I took some pics of the surrounding bush...

Some interesting photo's followed, they will be posted to dA during the next week.
(click the title to go directly to my dA gallery)

Also, in some other less important news, i've started to watch the series 'Fringe' ... It's rather interesting, but basically like watching the X-files and threshold but without the extra terrestrial idea surrounding it...
Yeah, I love sci-fi... loooove it!


pokies and grannies

Mix quite well... the only problem is  that once they win an astounding amount they continue to gamble it...
This makes me a sad panda... especially when they use the one you previously won on it and decided to stop because you really only needed the money for your drinks card in poker xD

She started with $60

Each Credit = 1c
EDIT: I started with $1 and bet the full dollar, it payed out $12.88 which I then was able to use on the said drinks card (Y)


You know those days where everything bad can and will happen?

well, today is one of those days... I'd tell you why but AVG (something which I don't even have installed) decided to block my blog... so fuck it.


Google, I loath you and all you are.

Google has decided that they'd kill my adsence account because I made a post about where some of my views come from... well, isn't that SUCH A MOTHER FUCKING CRIME!

Seriously google, go fuck yourself.


You know you're doing something right when you're on a russian search site

Yeah, apparently I've been getting three fourths of my views from this odd russian search site... awesome
Thanks http://www.yandex.ru/


Now in HD

I've decided to divide the direction I'm going with my devious blog of blogging...
I've tried to keep tonnes of useless whining out of it, but that seems to have failed... so I bid to the, the viewers of my blog, what would you like me to write about?

Things I don't mind writing about include
- Jokes/Humour
- Ranting
- Movie Reviews
- Television Reviews
- Game Reviews
- Art Reviews
- Dreams
- Experiences
- Photography

Things I will NOT write about

- Any form of Poetry (Unless I'm bored or in the mood of trolling)
- Poetry Reviews
- Anything deemed by me as "completely retarded"

Also today I decided to take a photo of myself and be an idiot in front of the camera again... last time I did this it involved hair dye and my eyebrows... this time it's eye-liner



Thankfully, the proportion of Idiocy emanating from my cranium isn't as high as other people I know or have seen online... but that would most likely be because whenever I do something like what was previously said, it is simply because I was bored and had absolutely nothing better to do... I'm glad my boredom wasn't as bad as it was last time... things could've been muuuch worse.


Movin' Out

Oh, how I so badly want to move away from all this annoying family drama, my brother won't get off my case, and my sister's started to act like a 12/13 year old year 7 kid, only she's not going to stop, I can tell you now, it's not going to happen >.<

And now that I'm 19 I feel that I've broken the promise that I made to myself and everyone else that I would move out when I was 18... issue with that is that I
1. don't have the money for it and
2. don't particularly want to move out and stay in some house which holds people I have no idea about...

If it were a uni house and I was going to uni I wouldn't mind though, because that would mean I'd have people close to my age I could relate to in some way :/

Ah well... whatever, I suppose in a way I won't have to worry if i'm going to starve to death or suffer some sort of stabbing in the house I'm living in... oh wait... scratch that last part... I still live with my brother... it's been 5 years and I still don't trust him after that... fucking jerk...


iDroid twice the butt rape in one little package

11/11/2010 4:43pm 
So, today I got tired of my lagtastic 3.0 Jailbroken iPhone continously not working properly and decided to re-verginise it and install android on it as a second partition, guess what I'm still attempting to do... it's been almost 5 hours of total annoyance after annoyance because this shitty phone keeps turning off and on due to software flaws in the 3.0 and 3.1.2 firmwares, good job apple on making such quality products... and you might think to yourself "hey, it's not supposed to be hacked so you should expect a few bugs" well I'm not complaining about the post-jailbreaking, I'm complaining about the actual 3.1.2 firmware, why is it that I'm the only one that finds bugs in everything I use? Do I attract them or something? I know my mother attracts electronic trouble... so that must mean that I've inherited that trait... great... just what I need >.>

ah well... I'll post news on the subject after I actually finish the installation of iDroid...

11/11/2010 5:42pm
Okay... after having a look around iDroid I have NO clue as to why anyone would even consider getting it... except for testing purposes... you can't use the camera, you can't use bluetooth and everything lags like a motherfucker.... and this time it's not because of a shitty installation... could someone please elaborate as to why you'd actually have a proper need for this on your iphone? It doesn't even connect to the computer through usb o_O

maybe it'd work better on an iPhone 4.... although I don't know if you can hack it yet... i've read rumours that you can't due to bricking...

N8 & The Sisters of Mercy


I swear, as soon as I get stable pay, I'm going to get THIS as my new phone, I'm like... seriously, you guies... the only slight issue I might have with this phone is the quality of the camera... they boast 12 mega-pixels, but if the photo's are going to end up like they do with the 8500, then I honestly don't care much for it... but apart from that, its features are pretty awesome...

Nothing better then a green tinted night photo to piss me off... thanks for that Nokia 8500


On another story, I've started listening to a band called The sisters of mercy... Ironically named this band seems to be though, because only one of them is female, and none of them are related to each other, which I found rather amusing, give them a listen if you have time though, they're pretty decent... apart from like two songs of which I could have done without have hearing...


Super Mario Galaxy 2


So, for about a week now I've been addicted to this game... I think it's because I love adventure games... It's also the first Mario game on a console (other then the DS) that I didn't borrow off anyone else, which means I have time to actually enjoy it, which is good because it's an alright game... apart from the whole "who the hell is this bowser guy? he must be some gigantic monster or something" and the whole linear path thing...

Seriously though, it's pretty awesome game apart from some aspects, I thought it was going to be completely tailored for kids under 10 because of the whole 'cutesy' thing, but yeah...

Although don't take my word for it, if you see it at a video store rent it out and have a taste of it, if you like it and have money, then buy it, the Mario series is pretty good... except for its retarded brothers and cousins "Mario tennis, mario soccer, mario basketball" and the such...


People will be people

don't you just love how the human race is slowly, but surely getting more, and more stupid over time -_-
not only that, but people are getting more and more retarded over time too... here's a prime example.


Hazeas... LIGHT!!!

Yeah, you might've guessed it, I watched the 5th element again today, boy oh boy, I love that film ever so much... unfortunately trying to stream that over my router seems to end up badly, because every 15 minutes the film would freeze, resulting in me not being such a happy chappy D<

However, streaming the simpsons recorded in wtv format from windows 7 media center results in a perfect stream... which makes me wonder if it IS actually my router or not o_O... I have a suspicion that it's the new VLC streaming code or something along the lines of that... ah well, at least it's not my laptop...


...My beautiful, beautiful walesian laptop...



+1 to mac adverts I guess

For what purpose would any sane person buy this piece of shit?

Honestly, the only logical reason someone would buy a mac over a PC would be for media purposes (editing, creating, sketching with a tablet)
To make something that thin and make it any more powerful then any normal netbook would be impossible at this moment in time without killing the battery life, which brings the question, why the fuck would a sane person buy a piece of crap like that?

- No CD/DVD/Blu-ray drive
- 2 USB 2.0 drives
- So fucking thin that it would break the instant minute pressure is applied to the screen

unless the said person is mac inclined, in which case, good for them, they can afford a pricey white paperweight (Y)


By the way, good luck finding it for less then $1,000 (They like money and profit from useless crap)



Or Lady Garfield?

 This photo's quality is complimentary of my wonderful touchpad.... decided against using the tablet because the metajoke just really isn't worth the effort of walking across the room to retrieve something I still have to plug in and install the drivers for... in hindsight actually using the tablet to make the picture would most likely have been less effort... but meh


*Meta-jokes aren't as funny as they should be..you have to know my hate for this woman to get the humour behind it I guess... but even then it's not really that funny I'm just bored and can't sleep D= *


Oh Nostalgia, you make me pain... but in a good way

So, today I was sorting through my photo's and I found a whole heap of things that I quite fondly remember doing...

ah the past...

such a wonderful time...

when music was music and not complete shit...
I used to be ever so imaginative, and you know... honestly lady ga shit's got nothing on me, ever since I was little, all I ever did was stand out, I didn't need the help of wearing stupid over the top clothing because the things I had on and did were already enough to make me ridiculed until I was in year 11 even without doing anything to even provoke people...

Wait... how did this turn into a rant about a slag?
Oh well... Shit like that happen I guess...

*And for those who don't know the meaning of slag, it's the scum formed by oxidation at the surface of molten metals*


Your Future, I know it...

Honestly, I swear I can tell the future... when it began I told my self "It's not going to last, I am 100% sure of it"

Oh look, guess I was right... are you aware of how annoyed I am about that?

It's not just one situation, I told my self "no matter how well you begin in something, everything is eventually going to go wrong with it, be it the HSC, a relationship, a friendship, something is going to absolutely fuck it up in some way and OH LOOK ALL 3 OF THOSE SAID THINGS HAVE BEEN FUCKED OVER... honestly the only future event that I hadn't predicted was that one of my Wales friends would stop talking to me...

I guess it's my fault that it happened, as much as I absolutely fucking loved that country and the people I met there, I guess my presence wasn't really welcome by absolutely everyone in the end, which is a real pity because they were honestly great people, I just kinda wish that they would have told me what I had done (or was doing) wrong at the time rather then later on... oh well... What's done is done I guess? :/

I think you should just ignore me really... this is more of a hot air valve to be honest (in other words. i'm letting off a bit of steam because i'm in a conversational mood and no-one seems to want to talk to me because they want to 'sleep')

And just to make this a tad more interesting for people who don't give a shit about what I think... FORNICATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I've stopped it to an extent, overly caring about something is useless and it's just going to get you hurt waaaaay more then it should, I think i'll just go to some really secluded wooden shack which is close to a bunch of bears and beavers, electricity, free open wifi, dicksmith electronics, mcdonalds and hungry jacks and i'll be fine until i get bored... in which case i'll invite people over for a bear burger or a beaver sandwich with mayo
mmmm mayo

i'll end up like this... but instead of taking the fish, i'll finish the bear and make a burger outta him -licks lips-


Inception, Contact The Matrix

I just finished watching "Contact" with Jodie Foster just then, and I must honestly say without a doubt that I really liked it, I can't really say that about many films I've seen, because in reality, so many of them have sucked so badly especially lately, yes, ok, the quality of special effects has dramatically increased, but to make a film great without computer enhanced special effects means that you have great script writers and a great onset team of coordinators

but then you have the movies that obviously can't be made without computer enhanced special effects... lets say, for example...


Although people would like to think otherwise, that movie was the matrix, just instead of computer hackers and agents in a computer full of peoples digitized realities, we had body hackers and 'projections' inside a joined dream inside of a dream ^ >9000


Hacktendo Wii

Yesterday I finished hacking the firmware on my nintendo wii, enabling it to be used to it's full power of playing games that I originally had and don't want to pay for again, because $20 on top of the $70 I had already payed in the first place really is an outrageous thing >.<

Plus it also means that I can play My wii games without getting them out of the cases and risk my siblings fucking up the disks with their grotty hands *evil glare*

To be completely honest It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be...but then again i do have the first generation wii's that didn't come with all the new security features (which i'm glad I don't have)

Next on the purchasing reel, the Nintendo 3DS, when I get that console, along with Ocarina of time (If the rumor is true then my gaming life will be complete... more or less) ... and if oot doesn't come out in 3D... i'll be quite upset about it, but hey, A portable console with the ability to project and take 3D images? FUCK YEAH NINTENDO!

Sony and Microsoft really can suck my dick, because as much as people don't want to hear it, nintendo really does (and always has) own the shit out of everything relating to games.


Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Hooray for softmods

Don't you just love security flaws? they really help you when you want to use devises for legitimate (but not completely legal) reasons
I can now add a Wii to to the number of devises that I have successfully changed the firmware on for programming purposes =D


Coke Zero? more like, choke zero, AMIRIGHTGUIEZ?

"Tastes like the real thing, but with no sugar" that's what the ad campaign says, but if I were to pour you a cup of normal coke and another cup of coke zero, and didn't tell you which is which, you'd be able to tell. Plainly because coke zero tastes like cow manure on crack, while having an epileptic fit during a hailstorm in your underwear, at night while it's -2 degrees outside.


Wow, i'm actually quite surprised

I was looking at my Page view stats today and it turns out that 5/9 people that come to my page every day, use opera, this is surprising because pretty much everyone I talk to use either Firefox, or chrome which lag to all hell or crash every time I use them... -shrugs-



It really is... I basically talk about brains in jars and then I see this on the Australian Yahoo! 'news' feed.

I swear I'm somewhat of a psychic... *sarcasm* 


George Lucas and Future rant

Are you absolutely sure that's a good idea? making 6 films that weren't filmed in 3D into 3D films?

... I don't know about you guys, but i'm pretty sure that you should NEVER touch a perfect film... look what happened to fucking Indiana Jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull... I'm pretty fucking sure you messed that bitch of a movie up you sneaky fuck... Starwars 3D link

mm... so anyway, on another topic, I was watching TV for the first time in ages, and decided to watch the station "7 Mate" because they had two shows on that seemed to be somewhat interesting... one of them was called warehouse 13 and the other was... something else of which I can't remember the name of, but it involved really horrible underestimates of what the future holds and how much memory the human brain could be contained in... because for some reason... in the future they still use less then 200 terabytes in the average household and have trains that are also spaceships that can go 2 times faster then the speed of light... according to them apparently the brain is only 100 TB in size... which seems like a really retarded estimate, because even if the brain were to be compressed into data, I'm sure the amount of memories, motor controls, feelings, and main conciousness alone would be roughly 150 terabytes large (1024 gigabytes = 1 terabyte) unless somehow they managed to make a code that could safely maintain a good looking image/sound/taste/smell without completely messing it up when it's eventually uncompressed into a virtual brain or another person's

I'm sure someone's going to make a comment about how I'm grossly out of proportion in my predictions... so y'know... whatever...


linkbucks brought to you by Carls Jr

So 1 month and 13 days ago I was in Wales and had enough money to buy myself an acer laptop, during which time it has been pretty awesome and only failed me twice without good reason, If you're looking for a laptop which can last 8 hours straight while connected to the internet then you might want to have a look at the Acer aspire TimelineX... man, if only i was paid for talking about the computer... brought to you by Carls Jr...

As awesome as it is to get money from people when others click your links... they just don't want to put up with all the bullshit... but Jesus Christ... Maccas really needs to give me some shifts or people need to hire me for photography business otherwise I'm kinda fucked ¬_¬


Flight of the Conchords

Well, it looks like the simpsons really are dead... as much as I love Flight of the Conchords they didn't really do much help for the simpsons... seriously, they got to season nine, made a blatantly obvious apple reference and then killed them selfs and my respect for them... It's not like they're even really trying anymore to pretend to be original...
for example the old episodes had somewhat originality to them
krusty burger = McDonalds
tree house of horror episodes = horror movies
Bart = Dennis the Menace
Chief Wiggum = Edward G. Robinson, see, link
Duff beer = Guinness beer

whereas the new episodes have
"Mapple Computers"
"Mapple Mypods"
the starting of season 21 episode 20 is a GREAT BIG KICK IN THE NUTS for simpsons fans and pop haters featuring the song 'tik tok' by a retarded illiterate crack whore called Ke$ha

it's a bit of a short list, but I'm not going to get deeply engaged into it, as I can't really be bothered to try to remember to be honest... but the fact of the manor is that the matt greoning/script writers have decided that the look of the simpsons is much more inportant then the story of the episode... way to sell out you jerks...



I didn't really achieve much today, apart from some how fucking up a completely new Scanpan because the spatula I used melted onto it... how annoying... now there's a great big round plastic-y stain on it... It's a good thing I don't have to pay for it, because I don't have the money for it... even though it's about $60... but still... fuck all money as McDonalds has decided that I'm basically redundant due to the amount of times I get sick... believe me, it's annoying enough that I'm sick that often, I don't need my work deciding that It's often enough for no work >.>

On an up note, If I can raise enough money, Drasern , Em , Carla and I are going on a roadtrip, where there will be camping and joyness, and a zany adventure of sorts... and if it looks like none of the previously said is going to happen THEN I WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN FOR TEH LULZ! ... and make a crappy b-grade movie of it on my phone or something... or at least take some photo's with my camera...

also 1 month since erica and I have been going out... i find that pretty interesting seeing as it really doesn't seem like it's been that long...


Google ad-sence, Nostalgia and 3DTV

 Oh hai guiez, I just sold out... hooray.

Anyway, Today was quite an interesting day, I was on youtube for once and was looking through the 90's stuff that used to be on ABC when I was much younger, I found my childhood, i was literally screaming because of sheer happiness, it's a pity tv shows aren't like they used to be... they were much better then... now everyone's all fussed about their shiny new DVR's and digital HDTV reception and how tv shows should be more focused on what something looks like then what should be on it...
I'm going to be blunt. Digital Television can suck on my balls, I don't care if the reception is 'crystal clear' ... if it means that I can't watch the shows that I want to then it can go to hell for all I care. here's an example... when I had an analogue tv tuner I got the channels ABC, 7, Nine, Ten, SBS and TVS, now with the digital reciever all I get is Nine*, Ten*, 7*, and on rarities SBS* I don't really care at all that the channels have affiliate channels because whats the point of having them when they all play the same bloody things... I miss ABC >.>

On another note, has anyone noticed the 3D-TV hype? because I'd be surprised if you haven't... anyway, the whole 3D-TV thing that all the companies are jumping on board with is a crock of shit... seriously, the glasses don't need batteries to function if they're created not to, if greater union doesn't charge you money for batteries then a stupid tv company shouldn't either. that's why i'm really happy with Nintendo's newish invention the 3DS, which incorporates the new 3D polarity 'technology' with the use of a secondary screen that does away with the need of wearing crappy glasses to see the images... also there's a rumor that ocarina of time's going to be on it in 3D.. which I will be the first in line to receive if it's the last thing I do!

So, um... whoo...

Yup, it happened, I finally found out what the hell was wrong with my desktop... turns out that when a cable is half a millimetre shorter then it's supposed to be, you're going to have issues later on with it... ah well... the computer seems to be not as freez-y... so I'm going to hope that i've fixed the issue, and i'm not going to have issues with it for a while...
SPORE is still freezing randomly... I'm assuming it's because I "installed" it wrong , or something along the likes of that...

Also,  I had the most epic dreams involving slaters (the small bug) in KFC chicken, pornos, black people, edy, trains and carns xD

boy, can i use my imagination, or what :P


No Hostile Life detected as of yet... or any at all really...

So yeah, still playing SPORE... although my computer's decided to have a great big bitch fit and not work correctly (I have a suspicion it's jealous of the shiny new British Acer laptop that I got while I was overseas) Which means that when I advance to a new level it decides 'oh, you seem to be having somewhat of a fun time, here let me help you with that... ERROR!' and in which I promptly reply by going ¬_¬" and glaring at it for about 10 minutes because I have a stupid habit of not saving my game every hour or so... annoyance... ah well...

on another note, my 5 day of trying new foods was pretty interesting today because my drama group from high school decided to have a reunion today at a Thai restaurant, I had for a Starter Satay Chicken which carrots and some sort of white noodley stuff and for the Main Course I had Yellow Curry with beef, which was really great, I quite enjoyed it =D

as for what I'm going to do next week, I've decided that I'm slouching too much and getting lazy, so I'm going to try to do some physical exercise for a week and see how that goes...english acer laptop
Note; this joke took more effort then expected and longer then necessary


Day 3 of blogspottering and still no signs of life...

Well... it's most likely for the best, I talk to myself anyway you see...

So, Yesterday I started playing SPORE... the actual game... not creature creator demo thing...
 It's actually really addictive and a fuck load more then what I thought it would be. It contains features of at least 3 games that I've played before and redesigned them in quite an ingenious manner, it took me about 12 hours to get to the last stage of the game, which i quite liked.

Although I have a feeling that the reason it took me that long was because I was also talking to people on MSN and moving the mouse on my laptop so that it wouldn't go to sleep... i could turn off the sleep setting... but it does come in handy at times...

So far i've been playing SPORE for about 2 days, it's been interesting, and has frozen once... I have no idea why it froze though... t'was quite annoying and i was about to ascend to space and win... more or less haha

yeah, so, if you've never heard of it and have been living in a nice secluded place with no internet and kept your eyes shut and your ears blocked and been screaming LALALALALALALA for the past however many years it's been out and have stumbled apon this blog only to read about this then buy a computer with a CD/DVD/Blu-ray drive, buy SPORE and play it, i guarantee you'll have some sort of interest in it... it's also slightly educational in the fact that it has evolution and timelines in it xD ... but apart from that it's just an ordinarily awesome computer thing...

mmm, have fun with that.. :P

Spore Website

 ... also the game...


So yeah, i have a blog that i actually wish to keep somewhat up to date...

and that my friends, is what i plan to do...
...even if i do have a tendency to make really tiny posts...

So yeah, During the past 2 weeks I've started to do things I wouldn't normally do...

Week 1 (5/09/10 until 11/09/10) was "Be insanely nice to people and not complain about how much nicer the world would be without complete idiots" 

... this wasn't actually as hard as i had imagined it would be... but i would assume that was because during the middle of the week i kinda couldn't go out due to lack of money...

Week 2 (12/09/10 until 18/09/10) is "Try a new food everyday, Extra points if you made that thing yourself" 

It's been quite surprising finding out that things I would normally not eat actually taste pretty good, not as good as i had hoped... and certainly not as filling... but that can be cured by eating more of it xD

I think for Week 3 I'll paint/draw something every day for a week...


I'm pretty sure i used to have a blogspot

because all my details were already on here but everything was deleted for some odd reason o_O

well anyway, Oh hai ther, if you don't know me, then hi, my name is nick, pleased to meet you, on here will hopefully be things relating to other things... and yeah, blogs and expressing myself through words really aren't my strongest trait, but it's a trait nonetheless... well i hope you enjoy this joke i call a 'blog' =)