Me? A constant downer?

Yes, It's really not surprising... I know it, most of my friends know it, any regular reader of my blog would most likely have realised it, I am a constant down looker on society.

Nothing seems to really impress me anymore... It's like, as soon as I turned 15 I slowly started to view the world as a giant turd and it's just slowly started getting worse and worse...

Now, people always seem to tell me that I should look on the brighter side of it all... and you know what? If I were to do that, I don't think I'd be able to live with myself...

Think of it this way, If I have 33 bananas and the government told me that I needed more, I'd ask "why the hell do I have 33 bananas in the first place, I don't even eat them" obviously I would be lying, because I do actually like bananas... but only like... once in a blue moon...

and that's why I don't like dancing... No no, in fact, I love it, oh yes.


Hey Tesco, I give you full permission to use my pictures on one condition.

You might have seen this on the news, or heard it on twitter, or possibly not at all...
The major UK supermarket chain "Tesco" has decided to sell the image of a 22-year old girl on a range of shirts completely without her knowledge or express permission, the girl's blog states that the artwork on the blog (unless stated otherwise) is created by her, and unless she gets an email, she does not give anyone permission to use her work commercially...

Well, y'know what?

I give you permission Tesco, you can use MY images... on the condition that you give me 5% of the sales profit... you can do anything with my images except put me in a bad light... That I don't give you permission to do, but anything else is A-OK to me =D




Just a little side note for everyone

You might have noticed that I seem horribly awkward around people, well, that would be because I have absolutely no idea how I should act around people when I first meet them, so I try to act cool and calm and hide away from people until I get a decent idea of how to act around them... Which usually gives them the idea that I'm being all creepy and judgemental, while I am being judgemental, it's not you in general that I'm judging, it's your personality and how I should act around you that I'm trying to determine, honest to god, I have no interest in loosing friends, that's the exact opposite of what my intentions are, so please, remove any idea of that from your mind...

While I do try to attain most of my own personality which (I hate to admit) might be on the 'fucked' end of the spectrum, I do try to be as least socially awkward as I can help... unfortunately this means that if I haven't met you for very long I have to gauge what is, and isn't considered "acceptable" with you... which usually turns out very badly for me... seeing as I have my list of things that if were to ever come up while in a conversation I have the sudden uncontrollable urge to go "NO, YOU ARE WRONG GOOD SIR/MA'AM, THESE ARE THE REASONS WHY I PROTEST AND ETCETERA, GOOD DAY TO YOU!" even if the person is right or expressing their own opinion... Which, believe it or not, I believe everyone is entitled to... even though it might actually not look like the case...

So yeah, if I say something that might be a little off colour or forget to say something such as "please" or "thank you" it's not because I'm purposely trying to be horribly rude, It's because I'm horribly worried about things and have actually forgotten... It will happen a lot and I apologise in advance for coming off as incredibly creepy, please, say something to me if you find the case as such and I will attempt to better myself!

Thank you for your time.

If I come off as awkward/creepy/rude, please understand that I'm confused as how to act around you and it's not on purpose, sorry in advance. HURR!

The Pursuit of Everlasting Knowledge

I don't really have anything to title this post with, so I'm going to stay with this...

Regular blogging is to keep the blog regular and somewhat worth while to read... and seeing as you're here, you've either stumbled upon it and decided that you want information about a movie or a game, or were curious about something I've mentioned...

This week marks the second week I have been at uni since I officially started on Monday last week. In that time I have acquired 10 hours or driving exp. and have had 20 hours of learning time alone... With ridiculous waits in between those times of waiting hours for the next lectures... Which I do and do not mind so much... for example; on Monday to Wednesday I have friends I can talk to, on Thursday to Friday I do not, which would be the annoying part... but I can cope, it's not really THAT bad.

Today was a rather awesome day, my friends and I were conversing and a little while later a guy come up to us and informs us that there is to be a pursuit of trivia, A "trivial pursuit" if you will... and us, being the knowledgeable fellows we are decided to take this man up on his challenge and answer the questions he asked us (and a room full of other people) ... long (and rather humorous) story short, we ended up winning first place because of how much SHEER AWESOME WE PUMPED INTO THAT GOD DAMN PIECE OF PAPER! FUCK YEAH!