New Website Update

For a while it was looking very bland and dead because I have been concentrating on my tafe work so that I can get into university, but now that tafe is almost over I will begin to have a lot more time on my hands which I shall try to use constructively on the site and other things.

and now back to the better, and more complete one


Save the internet as we know it!



Otherwise you can kiss everything you know and love goodbye!

We already know that completely retarded things can go through the US senate, DON'T LET THIS ONE THROUGH!


If you trip, you might Tumblr

Y'know what I don't get at all... I don't understand how there's all this hate going on about copyright and all that shit, and yet everyone seems to love tumblr.

tumblr basically exists solely to post and repost copyrighted material, something like 75% of the things I've seen on tumblr are things I've seen on the chan sites or reddit first...

Tumblr is supposed to be a blogging website, but it's basically just like going through a stamp book where people have decided to lick the stamps and press their books against the already licked stamp to create a malformed beast of something they'd like their 'fans' to see... although, chances are, everyone's already seen it already...

Actually, I've got a better analogy, you know people with alzheimer's, it's like talking to someone that has that, they just keep going on about the same things everyone already knows...
"You know what I like, Proons, I have a picture of a proon here, why don't you look at it"
"Oh look, a picture of a proon, I like proons, I think i'll share this picture I found of a proon"
etc. etc. kinda like twitter really... but with more gifs and hipsters... and people with alzheimer's by the looks of things...

Oh, and here, it's dangerous outside, have a picture of some prunes...

By the way, If you're wondering, I do have a tumblr 'blog'... but I don't really use it that much... or at all really...


So... the statistics are in..

And apparently 68% of the people who come and read my blog (since the 16th of last month)... don't actually read my blog... they kinda just open it and are like... oh, ok then... fuck this...

Alright, So... What would you like me to write about that would make you interested enough for you to stay on here for more than 30 seconds?

And for the people who would like those statistics in a nice pie chart I've taken the liberty of making one at home...

To the people who take their time to actually read my stuff, thank you, I hope I keep you rather entertained.