Life update

So yeah, I haven't really been on here lately as anyone who regularly reads my blog would know, so i've decided to give you a mildly detailed update on what's happening...

1. I've decided that I'm going to attempt to get into university at UWS doing fine arts or something along the lines of the artistic nature.

2. I started playing Mass Effect 2 and it really is as good as the second one, I'm not going to say that it's better though... because it's not, it's basically the same game only the graphics, storyline and a few of the characters have changed

3. during the recent two months, I have started learning/playing texas hold 'em poker, I must say, it's pretty fun hauling all those chips in when you win a round... even if you don't always get alot all the time... but that's not the point, on monday I went to a game and was awarded a seat in the regional game, I'm really excited because luck really isn't my strong suite haha

but yeah, Hope you're all doing well and if I don't post anything before the 31st HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! =D

also, only two or so more years until well all die in some awesomely tragic way hoooraaaaayyyyy~
thanks Mayans for not telling us how we're all going to die though... I like spoilers... to an extent


A small note

Merry Christmas Everyone, Happy Holidays
Hope you all have a wonderful day =)


Part two... I guess

I'd just like to put in that I've finished watching all of the episodes of fringe up to date and I must say, if you love the X-Files, but don't feel like the whole 'it all a conspiracy' thing, then you'll absolutely love it!

There are also two bands that I'd also like to mention that people should listen to;
      Siouxsie and the Banshees
      The Sisters of Mercy

If you're a fan of Mindless self indulgence, and have listened to the song 'Bitches' you'll notice that part the song "Happy House" by Siouxsie and the banshees has been sampled in it. In my opinion it's rather marvellously done as I love both of those songs and bands exponentially

here are some links to the songs that I like by the previously said bands

Siouxsie and the Banshees
Happy House

Mindless Self Indulgence
Straight to video
Never Wanted to Dance

The Sisters of Mercy
The temple of love

Just the right amount

So, apparently our ISP has upgraded our 20gb (50gb max) plan to 1,000,000mb (976gb) , unfortunately our plan is still as slow as fuck and only one computer can really surf at a decent speed at a time, but, saying that doesn't really give credit to the download I made today, it's only happened once before, but I hit the max limit of our modem for 5 whole minutes (2.0mb/s) ... to everyone in the united states... or basically everyone outside of Australia and NZ, that wouldn't really be impressive, but over here, the only time that occurs is when you download something from a server over here, and even then it's not even that high... it's only about 600kb/s ... so yeah, I was rather fond of getting a 4 gig file in under 20 minutes...

Thinking about the past experiences of our internet's download history I hope my father wasn't ripped off again... because that would be rather annoying...

(Just so you can get an Idea of what I mean when I say 'ripped off')

In 2002 we changed over from dial-up to Cable internet (the same speed we get now, by the way)
The plan started off at 50mb a month for $20... some how, during that time before I was aloud to use the cable internet dad never went over the limit... even though he always downloaded stupid emails containing loads of images and also stock exchange, and mum was using web mail) The hard drive of that computer was 20gb, the hard drive of mine was 4gb... so there's a blast from the past (mum still uses that laptop and I still have the hard drive of the old computer)

That previously mentioned plan didn't change until about 2004 when dad couldn't stand the amount of times I was telling him that 50mb is shit and no one with a right mind would pay $20 a month for it when they could get something waaaay better for the same price, something like 20gb...

Still my father didn't listen, he kept telling me that the plan was fine etc etc, then dad, finally caving decided to upgrade... but not to 20gb for a little more, no, that's too good for us at the time, he decided to get 2gb for $20 (with the same speed modem) ... we somehow lived with it... even though we were always going over...

about 2 years ago (middle of 2008), dad decided that he was sick of going over all the time again, so he decided to make our plan better by upgrading it... he got a 15gb plan for $90 monthly with our phone included, that plan stayed for a little while until he realized that we were still going over, he then got a 15gb plan that didn't slow down until 30gb but we had to pay per mb until we reached 30gb, then it slowed down to 57kbps until the start of this month .

We now apparently have 1,000,000 mb (976gb) to use a month for $129 with our phone included... It seems like some sort of wonderful dream, because this doesn't happen... but I suppose the speed limit is the reality kicking in :/

So in short,
      2002 to 2004 = 50mb @ 2mbps
      2004 to 2008 =  2gb   @ 2mbps
      2008 to 2008 = 15gb  @ 2mpbs
      2008 to 2010 = 30gb  @ 2mbps
      2010  -  now  = 976gb@ 2mbps

Anyone else know their internet history? because the only reason I remember mine is because I remember everyone going on about how awesome their 20gb plan was because they could play runescape, watch youtube, go to funnyjunk, download music and video's and all I could do was stinge off people until the end of the month...

also, don't get the wrong idea, I'm not gloating about this, nor and I asking for sympathy, I was just in need a rant and possibly an outlook of what other people's plans were like and how much they had to pay for an internet plan.

At the moment I can't back up my story with a picture because the ISP's site is down for maintenance unfortunately, but when it's back up, if anyone would like proof, I'd be more then happy to show evidence.



Every time I watch a show involving complex scientific theories, I get inspired to do things, I also get chatty and start making theories of my own... so, if you have any theories on pan dimensional beings, black holes, alternative dimensions, gods... any of such theories, I'd like to hear them


Photography keeps me somewhat sane

So, yeah...
Today, during the time I was walking through the bushland that links the two places closest to me I decided that it would be a good time to take some photo's... seeing as the best time to take photo's of anything is in twilight (sunset), I took some pics of the surrounding bush...

Some interesting photo's followed, they will be posted to dA during the next week.
(click the title to go directly to my dA gallery)

Also, in some other less important news, i've started to watch the series 'Fringe' ... It's rather interesting, but basically like watching the X-files and threshold but without the extra terrestrial idea surrounding it...
Yeah, I love sci-fi... loooove it!


pokies and grannies

Mix quite well... the only problem is  that once they win an astounding amount they continue to gamble it...
This makes me a sad panda... especially when they use the one you previously won on it and decided to stop because you really only needed the money for your drinks card in poker xD

She started with $60

Each Credit = 1c
EDIT: I started with $1 and bet the full dollar, it payed out $12.88 which I then was able to use on the said drinks card (Y)