You know those days where everything bad can and will happen?

well, today is one of those days... I'd tell you why but AVG (something which I don't even have installed) decided to block my blog... so fuck it.


Google, I loath you and all you are.

Google has decided that they'd kill my adsence account because I made a post about where some of my views come from... well, isn't that SUCH A MOTHER FUCKING CRIME!

Seriously google, go fuck yourself.


You know you're doing something right when you're on a russian search site

Yeah, apparently I've been getting three fourths of my views from this odd russian search site... awesome
Thanks http://www.yandex.ru/


Now in HD

I've decided to divide the direction I'm going with my devious blog of blogging...
I've tried to keep tonnes of useless whining out of it, but that seems to have failed... so I bid to the, the viewers of my blog, what would you like me to write about?

Things I don't mind writing about include
- Jokes/Humour
- Ranting
- Movie Reviews
- Television Reviews
- Game Reviews
- Art Reviews
- Dreams
- Experiences
- Photography

Things I will NOT write about

- Any form of Poetry (Unless I'm bored or in the mood of trolling)
- Poetry Reviews
- Anything deemed by me as "completely retarded"

Also today I decided to take a photo of myself and be an idiot in front of the camera again... last time I did this it involved hair dye and my eyebrows... this time it's eye-liner



Thankfully, the proportion of Idiocy emanating from my cranium isn't as high as other people I know or have seen online... but that would most likely be because whenever I do something like what was previously said, it is simply because I was bored and had absolutely nothing better to do... I'm glad my boredom wasn't as bad as it was last time... things could've been muuuch worse.


Movin' Out

Oh, how I so badly want to move away from all this annoying family drama, my brother won't get off my case, and my sister's started to act like a 12/13 year old year 7 kid, only she's not going to stop, I can tell you now, it's not going to happen >.<

And now that I'm 19 I feel that I've broken the promise that I made to myself and everyone else that I would move out when I was 18... issue with that is that I
1. don't have the money for it and
2. don't particularly want to move out and stay in some house which holds people I have no idea about...

If it were a uni house and I was going to uni I wouldn't mind though, because that would mean I'd have people close to my age I could relate to in some way :/

Ah well... whatever, I suppose in a way I won't have to worry if i'm going to starve to death or suffer some sort of stabbing in the house I'm living in... oh wait... scratch that last part... I still live with my brother... it's been 5 years and I still don't trust him after that... fucking jerk...


iDroid twice the butt rape in one little package

11/11/2010 4:43pm 
So, today I got tired of my lagtastic 3.0 Jailbroken iPhone continously not working properly and decided to re-verginise it and install android on it as a second partition, guess what I'm still attempting to do... it's been almost 5 hours of total annoyance after annoyance because this shitty phone keeps turning off and on due to software flaws in the 3.0 and 3.1.2 firmwares, good job apple on making such quality products... and you might think to yourself "hey, it's not supposed to be hacked so you should expect a few bugs" well I'm not complaining about the post-jailbreaking, I'm complaining about the actual 3.1.2 firmware, why is it that I'm the only one that finds bugs in everything I use? Do I attract them or something? I know my mother attracts electronic trouble... so that must mean that I've inherited that trait... great... just what I need >.>

ah well... I'll post news on the subject after I actually finish the installation of iDroid...

11/11/2010 5:42pm
Okay... after having a look around iDroid I have NO clue as to why anyone would even consider getting it... except for testing purposes... you can't use the camera, you can't use bluetooth and everything lags like a motherfucker.... and this time it's not because of a shitty installation... could someone please elaborate as to why you'd actually have a proper need for this on your iphone? It doesn't even connect to the computer through usb o_O

maybe it'd work better on an iPhone 4.... although I don't know if you can hack it yet... i've read rumours that you can't due to bricking...

N8 & The Sisters of Mercy


I swear, as soon as I get stable pay, I'm going to get THIS as my new phone, I'm like... seriously, you guies... the only slight issue I might have with this phone is the quality of the camera... they boast 12 mega-pixels, but if the photo's are going to end up like they do with the 8500, then I honestly don't care much for it... but apart from that, its features are pretty awesome...

Nothing better then a green tinted night photo to piss me off... thanks for that Nokia 8500


On another story, I've started listening to a band called The sisters of mercy... Ironically named this band seems to be though, because only one of them is female, and none of them are related to each other, which I found rather amusing, give them a listen if you have time though, they're pretty decent... apart from like two songs of which I could have done without have hearing...


Super Mario Galaxy 2


So, for about a week now I've been addicted to this game... I think it's because I love adventure games... It's also the first Mario game on a console (other then the DS) that I didn't borrow off anyone else, which means I have time to actually enjoy it, which is good because it's an alright game... apart from the whole "who the hell is this bowser guy? he must be some gigantic monster or something" and the whole linear path thing...

Seriously though, it's pretty awesome game apart from some aspects, I thought it was going to be completely tailored for kids under 10 because of the whole 'cutesy' thing, but yeah...

Although don't take my word for it, if you see it at a video store rent it out and have a taste of it, if you like it and have money, then buy it, the Mario series is pretty good... except for its retarded brothers and cousins "Mario tennis, mario soccer, mario basketball" and the such...


People will be people

don't you just love how the human race is slowly, but surely getting more, and more stupid over time -_-
not only that, but people are getting more and more retarded over time too... here's a prime example.


Hazeas... LIGHT!!!

Yeah, you might've guessed it, I watched the 5th element again today, boy oh boy, I love that film ever so much... unfortunately trying to stream that over my router seems to end up badly, because every 15 minutes the film would freeze, resulting in me not being such a happy chappy D<

However, streaming the simpsons recorded in wtv format from windows 7 media center results in a perfect stream... which makes me wonder if it IS actually my router or not o_O... I have a suspicion that it's the new VLC streaming code or something along the lines of that... ah well, at least it's not my laptop...


...My beautiful, beautiful walesian laptop...



+1 to mac adverts I guess

For what purpose would any sane person buy this piece of shit?

Honestly, the only logical reason someone would buy a mac over a PC would be for media purposes (editing, creating, sketching with a tablet)
To make something that thin and make it any more powerful then any normal netbook would be impossible at this moment in time without killing the battery life, which brings the question, why the fuck would a sane person buy a piece of crap like that?

- No CD/DVD/Blu-ray drive
- 2 USB 2.0 drives
- So fucking thin that it would break the instant minute pressure is applied to the screen

unless the said person is mac inclined, in which case, good for them, they can afford a pricey white paperweight (Y)


By the way, good luck finding it for less then $1,000 (They like money and profit from useless crap)