Threadless design competition

Hey, I've designed a shirt for threadless, I'd love it if you could help me get this out~!
Ra - Threadless T-shirts, Nude No More


Day three of seven

Well, tonight is the end of day three, I find it a little releaving that I am actually able to control myself when I'm offered a choice because if i can say no to coke and drink water instead without any second thoughts then it means no one else should have the same problem, but caffeine should be no problem seeing as I've had absolutely zero caffeine since Saturday as well, dropping that too has been a little hard but still nothing anyone should have a real issue with, apart from waking up in the morning... Or staying awake during the day haha, but I guess that's a personality thing, I dunno, drop a comment if you truly think otherwise, I'm always open for a discussion.


Going a week without

Today is the start of the new week... I know I said that I'd cease all social media events, but it would seem as though I do actually need them... so that's not going to happen.

What IS going to happen, is that I'm not going to have any coke, for the whole week... and anyone that knows me will be aware that I am not a "go any day without coke" kinda guy... so going a week is going to be quite hard...

I think I'll drop poker this week as well... Seeing as you can't just pay the people for more chips, you have to buy something to get the stamps to get the chips... ah well...

We'll see how I go...


I'm pretty sure I used to have a blogspot (UPDATE)

So, it turns out that I did actually have another blogspot account and that I'm an idiot and forgot which email was signed up to it, oh well, there was really nothing on it, and the fact that I made a new one with the gmail account I'm using now has saved me a great deal of time with account migration and shit, seriously, what the hell google... Y U CHANGE WHAT WORKS?!

anyway, enough of that...

Have some pictures of things done this week...

Aw/es/ome (9/27/10)

Last night was my 19th birthday party, It was quite awesome as it was the first proper teenaged party I've ever had, seeing as my parents don't really seem to like my music and pretty much always expect the worst situation to happen... which isn't really such a bad idea... given my track record with bad things happening to me :/

but ya know


I've worked out what I'm going to do next week

I've decided to deactivate all my social networking accounts for a week... Well, all the ones that will deactivate with the ability to correctly reactivate safely haha.

let's see how long I'll last... Also, this is excluding blogger... For obvious reasons...