Life update: 03/07/2013

Here are some things to update unaware people of;

  • After 8 months, I am again single now.
  • I've decided that my own emotions are too much and are in need of re-evaluation, and as such, I am now on medication in hope to cease feeling horrible on a constant basis.
  • I am almost out of work and need to find a job that doesn't involve people screaming at me as though what I've been doing is wrong even though I'm doing the right thing. (Seriously, if you've ever been THAT customer, I hope you feel sorry, being a jerk to workers is NOT ok. Go to hell!)
  • I'm half way through uni.
  • For about two months I was living out of home.
And now you are more or less up to date.

Despicable me 2, Monsters U, and World War Z

All of these films have my highest approval!

If you haven't seen them, and you've thought about watching them, but haven't been sure if they'll actually be any good, don't, just watch them, I will be quite surprised if you don't like them...

However, with WW:Z, you need to think about the movie as its own thing, don't link it to the book because you will be disappointed if you do... jussayin'