Hello World

Step 1 = Complete

It actually wasn't anywhere near as hard as I thought it would be, But I actually made and tested an application, it's on my phone right at this moment telling me that it's alive and working, Don't get me wrong, I'm aware of how very small this step is, even an infant could do it, but the fact that I could get THIS far and not encounter any crippling problems (Unlike with Nokia and their "you need to ask us for a certificate per application before you can do anything" philosophy) is pretty awesome... The only thing is, now I have to learn Java... Which is kind of a good thing, seeing as I've been meaning to do it for a while anyway...

Virtual Droid
My Droid
It's pretty exciting to see something you programmed come up and tell you that it's (relatively) alive and kicking.

Android Developer

For a while (going on 6 years now) I've wanted to develop applications for phones, and seeing as developing anything for a nokia's symbian is like flogging a dead horse, I've decided to start making applications for my Galaxy S2... and possibly other phones (we'll see, I don't intend on making anything big)

At the moment my Number 1. Goal is to make a very simple application that will work.

Right Now, It doesn't matter if it lags, or eats the battery really fast... (most likely due to really BAD non-malicious coding, or possibly really GOOD malicious coding haha)

In the distant future (If I make something that I consider a decent idea) I intend to make $0.99 applications, but we'll see... that's getting a bit ahead of myself at the moment...

I'd be happy with something that just says "Hello World"

So yeah, if you're interested in what I might have to offer keep an eye on this blog / my twitter feed because I'll most likely talk about it if anything new happens.

I'll also be posting screen shots of what I'm doing...

Still... I can dream...


Samsung Galaxy S2

On the 27th I got a new samsung galaxy s 2. It's a pretty cool phone, very fast and has many applications and the best part about it would be that it's not made by apple, So I don't have to deal with any of their shit... like Itunes.

It's nice to have a phone that doesn't require anything to be installed prior to using it... or putting music on it, or videos, or pictures, plus the fact that everything is easily synk'd with social networking sites makes things even better, seeing as it's just a password away.

Oh, and to show how much I like this phone and how cool the applications can be, ninety percent of the text on this post is from me talking into the phone and it writing it down for me, which is going to make blogging for me a whole lot more interesting... Well, at least on new years anyway haha


The Human Centipede 2 (contains spoilers)

Today I watched The Human Centipede 2 and I have to say, I don't think I'll ever see anything quite like it again.
The movie was shot brilliantly, The story follows a dwarf with downs syndrome who has been molested as a child. He is a giant fan of the original movie (part 1) and decides to make a centipede of his own, however, he is not a doctor in anyway, he doesn't have any medical instruments to use as he pleases, so he gets his victims by knocking them out with a crow bar... also let it be known that NONE of this movie can be imitated 100% because the way he knocks the victims out is by basically smashing their skulls in... so yeah, it's a little more than just a bit fucked... Take the original film, and then times it by 12, subtract a doctor, add in rape, murder, pregnancy and a retarded midget and you've got this film...

Had it not ended the way it did, I would have called it the perfect horror movie... But I'll leave that last part up to you


The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Okay, So, After something like two weeks of finding everything and such, I have finally finished the game...

Iit was pretty awesome, everything was nicely set in place and there were even "Oooooh, thaaat's why that is like that" moments... you know the ones...

However, Skyward Sword, as a game in the LoZ series (unless it's part of an alternate timeline) doesn't make all that much sense in the long run, as a game by it's self, it's rather amazing and really fun to play, but the last boss was a real let down, I finished him in 2 minutes flat... I was expecting something to happen the same way it did in the wind waker... or even twilight princess... but nup, as soon as he started talking, the game was over... it left me feeling really empty inside because my 13 year old sister could have finished that boss in the same period of time... GHIRAHIM WAS FUCKING HARDER THAN THE LAST FUCKING BOSS AND HE WAS FUCKING EASY!

Way to go Nintendo... Claps for you... I seriously hope the next game you make is much more challenging than this one... please?


The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (and a little on oot 3ds)

So for the past few weeks I've been playing Skyward Sword, and I must say, It's pretty freaking awesome.

I can't say that I love everything about it, but the game play is really fun and it's nice to see old things having new life breathed back into them...

Old things being the whip and the whole wind waker feel to it, which, in a way is cool, but in another way is really just appalling... realistic graphics made the zelda games even greater, the cartoon feel to skyward sword makes you feel like you're playing a game designed just for kids, Imagine how much better it would look had it been made to look realistically, the same way Twilight Princess was made... meh, just some food for thought, the game can be a little challenging in particular places if you don't think about things properly which is great.

I have to say, The most annoying thing about this game, is the character "Fi". Seriously, she's worse than navi. Navi wouldn't just pop up out of nowhere, give you a retarded percentage about where the next story plot point is and then beep at you every minute and a half if your battery is low on the controller or your hearts are low... I GET IT, MY BATTERIES/HEARTS ARE LOW, KINDLY FUCK OFF WITH YOUR ANNOYING BEEPING >.<

That being said though, the 3DS and navi after 3 hours of playing oot... god I hate nintendo for that, something like that should be optional, I don't care if I should take a rest or not, I'm feeling fine, I'm going to continue playing, kindly fuck off with your annoying SHIT!

There's also the whole "going around in a giant circle" thing that the game has going, that's also a bit annoying because I'd like to see newer territories rather than the same old ones over and over again... the xbox can do it on a 8gb disk, why can't you Nintendo? and don't give me this "it's a wii" shit, the wii isn't as bad as people make it out to be.


Playstation 3 (blog filler because I plan to keep this blog relatively active)

So three days ago I got a call from a kid about an advert I put up on gumtree a while ago, I was advertising a trade of my 60gb xbox 360 (the non-slim version) for either $250 or a fat 60gb ps3.

Sounds kinda ridiculous, right?

For about 3 months I didn't get anyone contacting me about buying it... I got a few people emailing me because they were interested in buying it for some ridiculous price like $40 and such and I decided that I'd most likely be better off trading it into EB or something like that, so I told them that I'd be sticking by my offer...

After I had almost completely forgotten about the advert I put up I get a phone call from a person who sounds like he's about 35 asking if I've still got my xbox that I was advertising... I tell him yes and asked him if he was interested in buying it, he replied with "You mentioned that you were willing to trade for a PS3 console" I couldn't believe what I had just heard, I quickly reply with "Yeah, the fat 60gb model?", He replies with "Nah, I've got a 160gb slim" I think to myself "Is this guy serious? He wants to trade his 160gb playstation slim... one he can sell for about $400... for my crappy 3 year old 60gb xbox 360? Is he out of his mind? this has to be a joke..."

I tell him "Yeah, that sounds good, when are you free and where do you want to do the trade?" 
He replies straight away with "I can't really do anything for a few days, but how does saturday sound?"
I reply with "Yeah, that should be fine"

then we finish up the conversation...

About an hour later he calls me up again and says "Are you able to do the trade tomorrow?
Seeing as I've finished tafe and had nothing better to do I told him that I was free and willing to do it (because, hey, relatively free playstation 3, right?)

The day after we make the trade, It was pretty awesome and now I don't have to worry about paying to play online because the PSN is absolutely free to play on... which is good because I have no money to spend willy nilly...


I now have a Playstation 3 instead of an xbox 360