Nintendo 3DS

So, as you might or might not be aware of, I've been rather excited for the new portable Nintendo 3DS and tomorrow (at 12am tonight in some stores) it will be released along with a few games... but nothing too interesting as of yet, The main thing i'm looking forward to with this device is the fact that I will be able to actually purchase The legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time in a physical copy from the store... instead of purchasing the rom directly from nintendo... I am a little curious though as to whether the R4 will actually work on it because I would like to play my homebrew games on it without the whole thing being bricked because i'm using something exploiting an auto boot fault :/

but other then that I'm really excited! =D

When I get it I'll eventually post some pictures and such on here ^^


Shit days are inevitable, this much is true

But when something goes so bad nothing else can make it worse, it eventually slingshots and makes things so much better for you in the long run...

Today I followed my usual routine of events for a wednesday
  1. Train to tafe
  2. buy a drink before tafe
  3. Tafe until about 3ish
  4. train home
  5. walk home due to no money
  6. laze at computer for 20 minutes counting up money to see if money bank holds anything near a train ticket
  7. go to chatswood poker
  8. swipe card and collect loosing ticket for cash draw 
  9. sign up for poker
  10. play poker 
  11. loose at poker
  12. feel butthut because of retarded gameplay during poker
  13. train to beecroft, walk home, go to sleep
Well... NORMALLY that would be what the day would be like... except for the fact that number 8 was the complete opposite, which threw out the rest of the list! ... well... except for 12... i was still a little butthurt because of my retarded gameplay of poker haha... but anyway...
 I WON $200 TODAY, best fucking turn of events since that time I was in QLD and I found about $2,000  scattered across the ground which got my family into Seaworld... or the time I won a $6,000 fridge and a box of twisties when I was in year 6 from Nova969

New Tattoo Design for my back

So, that urge to inject large amounts of ink into myself for the sake of self-satisfaction and art has arisen again, I've asked 3 people from 3 completely different countries if they would like to draw a design for me to have placed upon my back.

I'm looking forward to the results because everything I've tried to draw has come out really horribly demented and just darn right awful... Mainly because my brain and basically my everything else just doesn't want to work with each other anymore... which results in many annoying problems, such as completely forgetting really important things and remembering really fucking stupid things, such as the time where I used to play "Karate" on the trampoline with my brother and we'd take turns trying to do flying kicks into each other but with only me succeeding in doing any damage (like kicking him in the face and almost breaking his nose), because my brother used to be really horribly unco... well... he's still unco, but not as much anymore... yeah... all me and my brother really did (and still do) is fight, after he became a complete jackass we stopped being brothers and became full blown rivals, fortunately I'm Gary Motherfucking Oak in this timeline and i'll always be >9000 steps ahead of him in everything... except for being a retard, he can keep that crown, I've got no use for it...

but yeah, anyway... back to the point...

Within the red square is where I've asked for the placement of the designs

Results will be posted when and if all three people reply, the reason I've chosen them is because I consider them close friends and great artists judged from what i've seen them post.

Names and dA links will be posted too if they'd like. ^^


bored in class...

1 – using your imagination describe a realistic scenario that may occur related to your selected emergency.

In your description make sure you detail
  • the damage or threat
  • the location
  • the parties involved
  • describe the visible injuries

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there was a child in his late 40's. His name was BARRY, Barry was a good boy and loved to follow the rules and regulations that were explained to him by his handy little book of emergency procedures.

One day, while Barry was walking to his TAFE, he heard on the radio that there was an asteroid that had fallen to earth destroying most of the area and leaving STRUCTURAL DAMAGE to most of the buildings in the TAFE, Barry was was shocked! Not once had this ever happened once in his 40 years of childhood, but still he continued towards the TAFE too see what the ending result looked like.

Once Barry had gotten to the TAFE, he met his friends, they had all heard about the incident too. He asked them what they should do because he had no idea, as listening in class wasn't his strong suit. They all decided that it was a good idea to go into the TAFE and discuss all the structural damage that had occurred because of the collision of the TAFE with the asteroid.

While they were going in, what they failed to notice was the sign in the front of the TAFE telling them that everything inside was UNSAFE and not fit for people without proper training to enter the perimeter, because anyone that did was in risk of being crushed by falling buildings.

Barry and his friends were happily walking around, pointing out things that were wrong with the TAFE after the ASTEROID incident when suddenly a building collapsed on Barry, killing him instantly, his friends all crowded around him gasping at the horrific sight of blood and guts that had sprayed out of his body because of the collapsed building.

Billy, one of Barry's friends decided that this was too much for him so he pulled out a gun and shot himself in the head...

Action should be taken to quickly survey buildings for any signs of structural damage and any so affected should be placed off-limits.


class, script writing

~Today is Monday, we have two special people in our class, one of which likes to talk about idiotic things and how he's not actually human~

His "view" continuously likes to be blurted out.
 As an example, think of something, like the possibility of life on other planets, now think of something completely fucking retarded (e.g. The "I'm actually an animal when no-one's looking" type Furries)... now mix them both together, that's his view on the subject.

Some people Kids with downs should keep their mouths shut, or at least employ a human filter to make sure what they're saying is actually not something that will make you scream on the inside every time they make a sound remotely intelligible.

That is all.

EDIT: Mostly everything as been re-worded because writing on a mobile is not a good idea when making a blog