Or Lady Garfield?

 This photo's quality is complimentary of my wonderful touchpad.... decided against using the tablet because the metajoke just really isn't worth the effort of walking across the room to retrieve something I still have to plug in and install the drivers for... in hindsight actually using the tablet to make the picture would most likely have been less effort... but meh


*Meta-jokes aren't as funny as they should be..you have to know my hate for this woman to get the humour behind it I guess... but even then it's not really that funny I'm just bored and can't sleep D= *


Oh Nostalgia, you make me pain... but in a good way

So, today I was sorting through my photo's and I found a whole heap of things that I quite fondly remember doing...

ah the past...

such a wonderful time...

when music was music and not complete shit...
I used to be ever so imaginative, and you know... honestly lady ga shit's got nothing on me, ever since I was little, all I ever did was stand out, I didn't need the help of wearing stupid over the top clothing because the things I had on and did were already enough to make me ridiculed until I was in year 11 even without doing anything to even provoke people...

Wait... how did this turn into a rant about a slag?
Oh well... Shit like that happen I guess...

*And for those who don't know the meaning of slag, it's the scum formed by oxidation at the surface of molten metals*


Your Future, I know it...

Honestly, I swear I can tell the future... when it began I told my self "It's not going to last, I am 100% sure of it"

Oh look, guess I was right... are you aware of how annoyed I am about that?

It's not just one situation, I told my self "no matter how well you begin in something, everything is eventually going to go wrong with it, be it the HSC, a relationship, a friendship, something is going to absolutely fuck it up in some way and OH LOOK ALL 3 OF THOSE SAID THINGS HAVE BEEN FUCKED OVER... honestly the only future event that I hadn't predicted was that one of my Wales friends would stop talking to me...

I guess it's my fault that it happened, as much as I absolutely fucking loved that country and the people I met there, I guess my presence wasn't really welcome by absolutely everyone in the end, which is a real pity because they were honestly great people, I just kinda wish that they would have told me what I had done (or was doing) wrong at the time rather then later on... oh well... What's done is done I guess? :/

I think you should just ignore me really... this is more of a hot air valve to be honest (in other words. i'm letting off a bit of steam because i'm in a conversational mood and no-one seems to want to talk to me because they want to 'sleep')

And just to make this a tad more interesting for people who don't give a shit about what I think... FORNICATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I've stopped it to an extent, overly caring about something is useless and it's just going to get you hurt waaaaay more then it should, I think i'll just go to some really secluded wooden shack which is close to a bunch of bears and beavers, electricity, free open wifi, dicksmith electronics, mcdonalds and hungry jacks and i'll be fine until i get bored... in which case i'll invite people over for a bear burger or a beaver sandwich with mayo
mmmm mayo

i'll end up like this... but instead of taking the fish, i'll finish the bear and make a burger outta him -licks lips-


Inception, Contact The Matrix

I just finished watching "Contact" with Jodie Foster just then, and I must honestly say without a doubt that I really liked it, I can't really say that about many films I've seen, because in reality, so many of them have sucked so badly especially lately, yes, ok, the quality of special effects has dramatically increased, but to make a film great without computer enhanced special effects means that you have great script writers and a great onset team of coordinators

but then you have the movies that obviously can't be made without computer enhanced special effects... lets say, for example...


Although people would like to think otherwise, that movie was the matrix, just instead of computer hackers and agents in a computer full of peoples digitized realities, we had body hackers and 'projections' inside a joined dream inside of a dream ^ >9000


Hacktendo Wii

Yesterday I finished hacking the firmware on my nintendo wii, enabling it to be used to it's full power of playing games that I originally had and don't want to pay for again, because $20 on top of the $70 I had already payed in the first place really is an outrageous thing >.<

Plus it also means that I can play My wii games without getting them out of the cases and risk my siblings fucking up the disks with their grotty hands *evil glare*

To be completely honest It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be...but then again i do have the first generation wii's that didn't come with all the new security features (which i'm glad I don't have)

Next on the purchasing reel, the Nintendo 3DS, when I get that console, along with Ocarina of time (If the rumor is true then my gaming life will be complete... more or less) ... and if oot doesn't come out in 3D... i'll be quite upset about it, but hey, A portable console with the ability to project and take 3D images? FUCK YEAH NINTENDO!

Sony and Microsoft really can suck my dick, because as much as people don't want to hear it, nintendo really does (and always has) own the shit out of everything relating to games.


Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Hooray for softmods

Don't you just love security flaws? they really help you when you want to use devises for legitimate (but not completely legal) reasons
I can now add a Wii to to the number of devises that I have successfully changed the firmware on for programming purposes =D


Coke Zero? more like, choke zero, AMIRIGHTGUIEZ?

"Tastes like the real thing, but with no sugar" that's what the ad campaign says, but if I were to pour you a cup of normal coke and another cup of coke zero, and didn't tell you which is which, you'd be able to tell. Plainly because coke zero tastes like cow manure on crack, while having an epileptic fit during a hailstorm in your underwear, at night while it's -2 degrees outside.


Wow, i'm actually quite surprised

I was looking at my Page view stats today and it turns out that 5/9 people that come to my page every day, use opera, this is surprising because pretty much everyone I talk to use either Firefox, or chrome which lag to all hell or crash every time I use them... -shrugs-



It really is... I basically talk about brains in jars and then I see this on the Australian Yahoo! 'news' feed.

I swear I'm somewhat of a psychic... *sarcasm* 


George Lucas and Future rant

Are you absolutely sure that's a good idea? making 6 films that weren't filmed in 3D into 3D films?

... I don't know about you guys, but i'm pretty sure that you should NEVER touch a perfect film... look what happened to fucking Indiana Jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull... I'm pretty fucking sure you messed that bitch of a movie up you sneaky fuck... Starwars 3D link

mm... so anyway, on another topic, I was watching TV for the first time in ages, and decided to watch the station "7 Mate" because they had two shows on that seemed to be somewhat interesting... one of them was called warehouse 13 and the other was... something else of which I can't remember the name of, but it involved really horrible underestimates of what the future holds and how much memory the human brain could be contained in... because for some reason... in the future they still use less then 200 terabytes in the average household and have trains that are also spaceships that can go 2 times faster then the speed of light... according to them apparently the brain is only 100 TB in size... which seems like a really retarded estimate, because even if the brain were to be compressed into data, I'm sure the amount of memories, motor controls, feelings, and main conciousness alone would be roughly 150 terabytes large (1024 gigabytes = 1 terabyte) unless somehow they managed to make a code that could safely maintain a good looking image/sound/taste/smell without completely messing it up when it's eventually uncompressed into a virtual brain or another person's

I'm sure someone's going to make a comment about how I'm grossly out of proportion in my predictions... so y'know... whatever...