Life update: 03/07/2013

Here are some things to update unaware people of;

  • After 8 months, I am again single now.
  • I've decided that my own emotions are too much and are in need of re-evaluation, and as such, I am now on medication in hope to cease feeling horrible on a constant basis.
  • I am almost out of work and need to find a job that doesn't involve people screaming at me as though what I've been doing is wrong even though I'm doing the right thing. (Seriously, if you've ever been THAT customer, I hope you feel sorry, being a jerk to workers is NOT ok. Go to hell!)
  • I'm half way through uni.
  • For about two months I was living out of home.
And now you are more or less up to date.

Despicable me 2, Monsters U, and World War Z

All of these films have my highest approval!

If you haven't seen them, and you've thought about watching them, but haven't been sure if they'll actually be any good, don't, just watch them, I will be quite surprised if you don't like them...

However, with WW:Z, you need to think about the movie as its own thing, don't link it to the book because you will be disappointed if you do... jussayin'


Another Life update

Heya, since my last life update (which was in February)

  • I still have a girlfriend (sort of, we've decided to take a break)
  • My piercings seem to have more or less healed completely since I last wrote about them... (I know I said that they were already healed, but I was wrong, they still had a while to go, compared to before, there is basically no pain at all, and there is no blood at all... there is a possibility that during my last post I had re opened the holes because they started bleeding again, but I'm not sure if it did happen or not...)
  • The android tablet has been really good to me within the past two months, I really like certain aspects of it... However, it still annoys me that I couldn't get the 64GB + 3G version of the tablet (or even just this tablet with 3G), it would have come in handy so many times...
  • My studying has been horrible... I tell myself "this year will be different" every year regarding study, and yet, it's always the same... Really fucking horrible... To be honest though, this year is worse than the previous years, because I have actually missed an assignment... Granted, I've had a really good reason to not do it, but I've still missed the assignment dateline...
  • My wonderful British Acer laptop seems to be dying, it's been a really great laptop for it's lifespan and I didn't actually think it would last this long... Granted, at the same time I thought it would last longer as well... Hopefully I keeps going, I don't really want another one... Especially if it has Windows 8 on it >.<
Yup, that's about it...


I honestly feel like absolute balls

I have done so for 4 weeks now, it's not like it hasn't been apparent.

I wish someone would just give me a proper hug and tell me that everything is going to be all right, but I'm sounding like a whiny bitch and feeling sorry about myself...


Life update

Hey everyone, I'm so sorry I've been so neglectful to you guys for so long... The reason I haven't been posing on here for a while is because I'm also on tumblr... and as anyone who has ever been on there knows, once you start following a good "blog" it's hard to stop...

But anyway, here's a small update on things that have happened since last I was on here...

  • I have had (and still have) a girlfriend for a little more than 4 months, she is quite special to me.
  • I have purchased an android tablet because I was fucked over by my university (look up UWS iPad scheme in google if you don't understand/know).
  • I got two piercings in my ear, and they've basically more or less healed properly.
  • I FINALLY got to enrol into my units, hopefully they are the correct ones and I don't have anything to worry about regarding them...
  • and I've successfully done my timetable without any issues! HOORAY!
So yeah, that's basically everything in a nutshell!


My Website and the end of the world

For quite a while I used to have my own website hosted on a site called "Chocoboheaven", for most of this year (If not, maybe all of it) the website has been down (and so has mine). I am going to assume that this is because the owners of the site have stopped payment of the server, and because of such a reason, have been removed from the net.

For the moment, I am currently hosting my website at another location, but the downtime and access of this server is currently ridiculously horrible and unreliable, so don't really expect much from it.

You can access the new server at nokel.twilightparadox.com:81

If the site doesn't load straight away, don't worry, just go into the link and press enter, I had to make the port 81 because the default (80) is blocked by ISP for some unknown reason... Probably so I don't host my own website because they're greedy whores...

However, if the website doesn't load at all, it's probably because the computer has been shutdown...

As I said, don't expect much from it at the moment, it's only temporary.

P.S. if you don't know about this site, you're missing out on the countdown to "the end of the world".


Proud owner of a Wii-U

It's finally happened, I have been able to afford something expensive and pay it off without any help from my parents!

As of yesterday (8:30am 30th November 2012) I am the proud owner of a Nintendo Wii-U Premium Console, and at $420 it wasn't cheap either.

Have some pictures, but please, if you use them for anything credit me please!