Hello World

Step 1 = Complete

It actually wasn't anywhere near as hard as I thought it would be, But I actually made and tested an application, it's on my phone right at this moment telling me that it's alive and working, Don't get me wrong, I'm aware of how very small this step is, even an infant could do it, but the fact that I could get THIS far and not encounter any crippling problems (Unlike with Nokia and their "you need to ask us for a certificate per application before you can do anything" philosophy) is pretty awesome... The only thing is, now I have to learn Java... Which is kind of a good thing, seeing as I've been meaning to do it for a while anyway...

Virtual Droid
My Droid
It's pretty exciting to see something you programmed come up and tell you that it's (relatively) alive and kicking.

Android Developer

For a while (going on 6 years now) I've wanted to develop applications for phones, and seeing as developing anything for a nokia's symbian is like flogging a dead horse, I've decided to start making applications for my Galaxy S2... and possibly other phones (we'll see, I don't intend on making anything big)

At the moment my Number 1. Goal is to make a very simple application that will work.

Right Now, It doesn't matter if it lags, or eats the battery really fast... (most likely due to really BAD non-malicious coding, or possibly really GOOD malicious coding haha)

In the distant future (If I make something that I consider a decent idea) I intend to make $0.99 applications, but we'll see... that's getting a bit ahead of myself at the moment...

I'd be happy with something that just says "Hello World"

So yeah, if you're interested in what I might have to offer keep an eye on this blog / my twitter feed because I'll most likely talk about it if anything new happens.

I'll also be posting screen shots of what I'm doing...

Still... I can dream...


Samsung Galaxy S2

On the 27th I got a new samsung galaxy s 2. It's a pretty cool phone, very fast and has many applications and the best part about it would be that it's not made by apple, So I don't have to deal with any of their shit... like Itunes.

It's nice to have a phone that doesn't require anything to be installed prior to using it... or putting music on it, or videos, or pictures, plus the fact that everything is easily synk'd with social networking sites makes things even better, seeing as it's just a password away.

Oh, and to show how much I like this phone and how cool the applications can be, ninety percent of the text on this post is from me talking into the phone and it writing it down for me, which is going to make blogging for me a whole lot more interesting... Well, at least on new years anyway haha


The Human Centipede 2 (contains spoilers)

Today I watched The Human Centipede 2 and I have to say, I don't think I'll ever see anything quite like it again.
The movie was shot brilliantly, The story follows a dwarf with downs syndrome who has been molested as a child. He is a giant fan of the original movie (part 1) and decides to make a centipede of his own, however, he is not a doctor in anyway, he doesn't have any medical instruments to use as he pleases, so he gets his victims by knocking them out with a crow bar... also let it be known that NONE of this movie can be imitated 100% because the way he knocks the victims out is by basically smashing their skulls in... so yeah, it's a little more than just a bit fucked... Take the original film, and then times it by 12, subtract a doctor, add in rape, murder, pregnancy and a retarded midget and you've got this film...

Had it not ended the way it did, I would have called it the perfect horror movie... But I'll leave that last part up to you


The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Okay, So, After something like two weeks of finding everything and such, I have finally finished the game...

Iit was pretty awesome, everything was nicely set in place and there were even "Oooooh, thaaat's why that is like that" moments... you know the ones...

However, Skyward Sword, as a game in the LoZ series (unless it's part of an alternate timeline) doesn't make all that much sense in the long run, as a game by it's self, it's rather amazing and really fun to play, but the last boss was a real let down, I finished him in 2 minutes flat... I was expecting something to happen the same way it did in the wind waker... or even twilight princess... but nup, as soon as he started talking, the game was over... it left me feeling really empty inside because my 13 year old sister could have finished that boss in the same period of time... GHIRAHIM WAS FUCKING HARDER THAN THE LAST FUCKING BOSS AND HE WAS FUCKING EASY!

Way to go Nintendo... Claps for you... I seriously hope the next game you make is much more challenging than this one... please?


The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (and a little on oot 3ds)

So for the past few weeks I've been playing Skyward Sword, and I must say, It's pretty freaking awesome.

I can't say that I love everything about it, but the game play is really fun and it's nice to see old things having new life breathed back into them...

Old things being the whip and the whole wind waker feel to it, which, in a way is cool, but in another way is really just appalling... realistic graphics made the zelda games even greater, the cartoon feel to skyward sword makes you feel like you're playing a game designed just for kids, Imagine how much better it would look had it been made to look realistically, the same way Twilight Princess was made... meh, just some food for thought, the game can be a little challenging in particular places if you don't think about things properly which is great.

I have to say, The most annoying thing about this game, is the character "Fi". Seriously, she's worse than navi. Navi wouldn't just pop up out of nowhere, give you a retarded percentage about where the next story plot point is and then beep at you every minute and a half if your battery is low on the controller or your hearts are low... I GET IT, MY BATTERIES/HEARTS ARE LOW, KINDLY FUCK OFF WITH YOUR ANNOYING BEEPING >.<

That being said though, the 3DS and navi after 3 hours of playing oot... god I hate nintendo for that, something like that should be optional, I don't care if I should take a rest or not, I'm feeling fine, I'm going to continue playing, kindly fuck off with your annoying SHIT!

There's also the whole "going around in a giant circle" thing that the game has going, that's also a bit annoying because I'd like to see newer territories rather than the same old ones over and over again... the xbox can do it on a 8gb disk, why can't you Nintendo? and don't give me this "it's a wii" shit, the wii isn't as bad as people make it out to be.


Playstation 3 (blog filler because I plan to keep this blog relatively active)

So three days ago I got a call from a kid about an advert I put up on gumtree a while ago, I was advertising a trade of my 60gb xbox 360 (the non-slim version) for either $250 or a fat 60gb ps3.

Sounds kinda ridiculous, right?

For about 3 months I didn't get anyone contacting me about buying it... I got a few people emailing me because they were interested in buying it for some ridiculous price like $40 and such and I decided that I'd most likely be better off trading it into EB or something like that, so I told them that I'd be sticking by my offer...

After I had almost completely forgotten about the advert I put up I get a phone call from a person who sounds like he's about 35 asking if I've still got my xbox that I was advertising... I tell him yes and asked him if he was interested in buying it, he replied with "You mentioned that you were willing to trade for a PS3 console" I couldn't believe what I had just heard, I quickly reply with "Yeah, the fat 60gb model?", He replies with "Nah, I've got a 160gb slim" I think to myself "Is this guy serious? He wants to trade his 160gb playstation slim... one he can sell for about $400... for my crappy 3 year old 60gb xbox 360? Is he out of his mind? this has to be a joke..."

I tell him "Yeah, that sounds good, when are you free and where do you want to do the trade?" 
He replies straight away with "I can't really do anything for a few days, but how does saturday sound?"
I reply with "Yeah, that should be fine"

then we finish up the conversation...

About an hour later he calls me up again and says "Are you able to do the trade tomorrow?
Seeing as I've finished tafe and had nothing better to do I told him that I was free and willing to do it (because, hey, relatively free playstation 3, right?)

The day after we make the trade, It was pretty awesome and now I don't have to worry about paying to play online because the PSN is absolutely free to play on... which is good because I have no money to spend willy nilly...


I now have a Playstation 3 instead of an xbox 360


New Website Update

For a while it was looking very bland and dead because I have been concentrating on my tafe work so that I can get into university, but now that tafe is almost over I will begin to have a lot more time on my hands which I shall try to use constructively on the site and other things.

and now back to the better, and more complete one


Save the internet as we know it!



Otherwise you can kiss everything you know and love goodbye!

We already know that completely retarded things can go through the US senate, DON'T LET THIS ONE THROUGH!


If you trip, you might Tumblr

Y'know what I don't get at all... I don't understand how there's all this hate going on about copyright and all that shit, and yet everyone seems to love tumblr.

tumblr basically exists solely to post and repost copyrighted material, something like 75% of the things I've seen on tumblr are things I've seen on the chan sites or reddit first...

Tumblr is supposed to be a blogging website, but it's basically just like going through a stamp book where people have decided to lick the stamps and press their books against the already licked stamp to create a malformed beast of something they'd like their 'fans' to see... although, chances are, everyone's already seen it already...

Actually, I've got a better analogy, you know people with alzheimer's, it's like talking to someone that has that, they just keep going on about the same things everyone already knows...
"You know what I like, Proons, I have a picture of a proon here, why don't you look at it"
"Oh look, a picture of a proon, I like proons, I think i'll share this picture I found of a proon"
etc. etc. kinda like twitter really... but with more gifs and hipsters... and people with alzheimer's by the looks of things...

Oh, and here, it's dangerous outside, have a picture of some prunes...

By the way, If you're wondering, I do have a tumblr 'blog'... but I don't really use it that much... or at all really...


So... the statistics are in..

And apparently 68% of the people who come and read my blog (since the 16th of last month)... don't actually read my blog... they kinda just open it and are like... oh, ok then... fuck this...

Alright, So... What would you like me to write about that would make you interested enough for you to stay on here for more than 30 seconds?

And for the people who would like those statistics in a nice pie chart I've taken the liberty of making one at home...

To the people who take their time to actually read my stuff, thank you, I hope I keep you rather entertained.


A Choice

You are given a box, the instructions are as follows;
Push the button and instantly receive $200,000 or
Don't Push the button and receive nothing except for the personal satisfaction of having self restraint,
BUT, if you push the button; someone, somewhere dies, the person could be anyone, anywhere.

Would you do it?


Time for a new post

So, I recently decided that I'd start to use my tablet again on my main tower computer because I was directed towards a (what I'm pretty sure it new) drawing site from reddit... yes, I know... reddit is a hole, and steals memes and kills them, but whatever, Doodle or die is actually a really well crafted page/site and the people that come up with things are even more delightful, it's rather hilarious watching people define what you've drawn and see other people draw what the person before them has described... but then you also have trolls... although the trolls seem to be slightly more intelligible than your regular trolls... excusing the ones that just scribble which ... well... yeah...

Anyway, back to what I was saying, I started to use my tablet again and found out that it's almost not working any more because the wire that connects it to the computer is slightly fucked, which is rather annoying because that tablet set me back around $300 if I remember correctly... oh well, it lasted a decent enough time period (5 years) which is actually a little longer than i've had this computer which is pretty cool...

And now for an example of Doodle or Die
Top image: A troll, trolling.
Bottom Image: Genius.


Remember vista and how no one liked it?

Get ready for Windows 8, because by the looks of things, you're going to need to...

Think of a mens bathroom in a club... that's what you're going to have to use. (going from what the developer preview is showing us)


something close to anguish

There are really no words to describe what I am feeling now, but as the title says it's something close to anguish... but really far off as well...

Thank you to the people that I texted, you made things alot better, but I think I might just curl up into a nice safe ball surrounded by pillows and blankets in a cave and stay there for the rest of my life, occasionally coming out for food and water supplied by traps set out every day... yeah a really secluded life where no one can hurt me and I can hurt no one... except for those animals which will serve as food... and maybe the occasional person who falls into the carefully placed traps... heh...


Constant Drama 23 hours of the day 28 days a month

That's basically what my life feels like ever since I've been travelling forward in time by over exciting myself for everything, you know the saying "time flies when you're having fun" well that's basically what I've decided to do, create a forwards time machine in my head, absorbing all the tidbits that I need and forgetting the rest... unfortunately, doing this has caused a few issues...

1. You can't ever go backwards unless you remember enough...
2. When you do eventually go back you can't change anything because it's only in your head and
3. People who you tell will either think you're mental, stupid, both, either that or they won't believe you...

Be nice though, if you don't believe it, just smile and nod, it's rude to not believe a person who has stepped away from the sane.


A little message to people who are wondering if I'm still alive...

I'd like to get back into the habit of blogging, however, the will to be overly sarcastic and horrible is now spread out in real life while I'm walking back home late at night after poker... plus there's tafe... and procrastinating... which means anything related to writing is now a great big chore... Sorry guys =/

(assuming that anyone actually reads my blog... apart from drasern and possibly em)


Yup, it's all gone and nothing remains WAHAHAHA!

I am bald, it's all gone now, nothing remains except all the rubbish that my friends left... they were drinking alcohol in my room and I was not... what's up with that...

Well, I guess it had something to do with the fact that I didn't want to cut my scalp when I was removing the rest of my hair... and boy, was there a lot of hair... it took me (with the help of the others) about 2 hours to completely take all of it off... now everything is cold and I have to wear a beanie or a hood to keep me from getting chills haha...

New experiences are new...

This is the shortest I've EVER had my hair and I don't intend at the moment to ever do it again...

If you thought people turned and ran before, you should see them now, which is kind of annoying but also very amusing =P

And for people wondering, I managed to raise $4 (apart from what I donated) for cancer research because that's all that was donated from others, anyone want to donate some more?
Send your money here: http://www.acrf.com.au/donate-now/


< Title >

< Header >
< Body >
< Footer >

This is pretty much the way I feel my life is going at the moment;

< Birth >
< Nicholas >
< Life involving random coincidences, making and loosing friends etc. >
< Death >

People might not realize, but I'm not a very happy person, I'm not very smart, quick on my heels, strong, artistic, musical or anything else...

I do however, have an ability to edit videos and successfully fuck around with things and make them look like they were done on purpose... But that's about it.

I feel as though every year I'm getting one step closer to being hit by a metaphorical train full of enough doubt and self hatred to make me go clinically insane... still, I'll march on,

I'm aware that I don't really have much that I should be unhappy about... I mean, I have a mother and father who give me a roof over my head and food to eat and pay for my education plus friends that some people would kill for... that should be enough for happiness of sorts and be able to give me a kick start in my life... but it doesn't really feel like it's amounting to anything, I feel as though there is a brick wall or a void of some sort blocking me of getting anywhere decent in life... Don't get me wrong, I'm really thankful that I have all these things and I'm not blaming anyone for the stuff that's happening to me except for myself... but yeah, what I'm basically saying is that I should really start sitting up and flying right, I'm just the BIGGEST FUCKING PROCRASTINATOR ON THE WORLD!

 ... that is all

P.S. I'm 20 today, I don't know if I should be pleased about this...


Here's a little ditty about a slut to outslut all sluts

I don't like you.
I don't like you in the slightest.
It's not only because you remind me of someone I used to know,
But it's also because you could outslut the entire population of sluts on the planet,
You're more tossed than a salad on a gay man's arse,
You're even more up yourself than that person you're going out with,
A leather boot has more intelligence than you could even fathom.
Not even staring into the sun for a day would be able to cleanse your image from my eyes.

I can keep going but I think I've mentioned all that I want to at the moment...

10 points to whoever can guess of whom I wish I wasn't thinking of...


Short Film

Just ignore it if you have me on fb, I'm aware of how many times I've already posted it.

If you watch it and somewhat like it, please send the link around... it would be nice to have my new account at the same level as the old one used to be...


Website Update 14/6/11

I've updated the navigation links, they should all change to readable words when you put your mouse over them and they should also all go to mentioned pages, e.g. downloads goes to downloads page etc.

I've also added in a downloads/podcast page using a dropbox rss feed and a box download panel so that if I find any good/interesting pictures/files or decide to release my voice casts on the net I can just place them in a folder and the rss feeder will inform anyone on the site after they refresh the page, although it takes about 5 minutes for feedburner to catch on about a new upload by the looks of things... not a real problem though, it's not like I get any visitors anyway haha

Just a tit-bit

Refreshing the page 30 times in a vain attempt for me to think "Hey, I've had 30 hits in a second!" isn't going to do much... or even make me remotely happy, I can also see how many individuals came to my site, so you aren't doing anyone any favours, however, if you can't get the page to load and you need to (for whatever reason) refresh your page 30 times in a second to get it working, then go for your life, I'm still not going to see your blog or the site you came from, that would most likely encourage you.

(Also my counter records individual IP's, So the page count isn't going to go up by 30 either, I do this because I'm the main person actually coming here apparently)

So yeah...


another website update

I've now put in a feed of my DeviantArt gallery in the images area, getting the headings of the pictures to separate from each other doesn't seem to be working... nor does making them go horizontally and bricking downwards... any successful help on fixing this site would be appreciated and praise would be given to the person, along with a mention on all the social networking sites I am on =)

You can visit my site here: http://legendsofgaming.chocoboheaven.com/
and the images page is here: http://legendsofgaming.chocoboheaven.com/images.htm


First of all, I'm really sick and tired of being SICK AND TIRED!
Second of all, I'm really fucking sick of being fucked around by teachers... get your shit straight and make up your mind, your a teacher, do your job! </rage>


The Hangover II

So, yesterday, out of the blue, I get a message asking if I'd like to see a film, the last time I saw a film was in 2010 when I was overseas in wales, I saw inception, it was rather interesting.

Anyway, the movie was pretty good, it was basically the same film all over again, with the exception of sparing us of the annoying introductions of people we already knew.

I'd say, if you haven't seen the first film before, and you're worried if you'll get the jokes of the second one or not without actually watching it, don't, because the only thing you won't understand are about two or three references, apart from that you're good.



My Website

My Website has been updated, It's been long overdue for a do-over and that has now happened, even if it is extremely minor, go have a look and let me know what you think =)


It's... ALIVE!

Recently my original hard drive (the one that came with the computer) decided to kick the bucket... while I was at a LAN party... well a little before then, but until the lan party nothing seriously bad happened, anyway, today (yesterday) I got two shiny new hard drives, 1 is 500gb and the other, 1 terabyte, lets hope these new gems last longer then their predecessors because if they don't I'm not going to be a happy chappy...

But anyway, back to the point, normally when you buy a new hard drive you have to go through the annoying stages of getting your shit back to the way you like it, and without an imaging/ghosting program you're going to bet your bottom dollar that even then, it's not going to be the way that you wanted it (things on the desktop in a different order to what you put them in when you backed up your drive, drives partitioned correctly... etc, etc.)

Well, if you have a program called Acronis Backup & Recovery 10 then all your issues are pretty much solved (all except for validation of windows if you've cracked it) and you have the option of either doing it after you've installed windows or before you've even formatted the drive/s...

here's a link to their site 


Raspberry Pi

Sounds delicious, don't you think?
Well, it gets better, muuch better... well... if you're into computers anyway, the Raspberry Pi is a computer system the size of a thumb drive. it's specs are:

700MHz ARM11,
128MB of SDRAM,
OpenGL ES 2.0,
1080p30 H.264 high-profile decode,
Composite and HDMI video output,
USB 2.0,
SD/MMC/SDIO memory card slot,
General-purpose I/O, and
Open software (Ubuntu, Iceweasel, KOffice, Python)

It was created for the purpose of teaching children the basic principles of programming so that once they grow up they're not completely brain dead computer wise in the future... unlike some of the people now are... which I actually found quite amusing as it's always funny watching someone point a mouse at a screen and commanding it to work for them...

more information on this computer can be found here



Okay, well, while I'm actually on here, I might as well give you all an update of sorts... for those people who do actually read my blabbering and somehow are able to understand my gibberish...

On Saturday the 30th of April I went to a LAN party hosted by SGL (Sydney Gamers League) and Maquarie University, it was awesome... up until my computer decided to (more or less) bite the dust... which means I'm in need of a new hard drive/computer if I wish to pass my media and communications course in TAFE and get into uni.... which I REALLY WANT TO DO! (Yes, I even surprise myself with that response)

But yeah, enjoy some photo's of the event... of which I did not take


Nintendo 3DS pictorial comparison

So, 3 days ago I got the Nintendo 3DS, as I said on the 28th when I got it that I would upload some pictures of it... well, here they are... the 3DS in comparison with the Original DS

Nintendo DS next to the Nintendo 3DS
(Both open)
Nintendo DS and 3DS together
(Both closed)

It's a pretty awesome device, although I must say, I was quite sceptical when I first heard about it from a friend...


Nintendo 3DS

So, as you might or might not be aware of, I've been rather excited for the new portable Nintendo 3DS and tomorrow (at 12am tonight in some stores) it will be released along with a few games... but nothing too interesting as of yet, The main thing i'm looking forward to with this device is the fact that I will be able to actually purchase The legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time in a physical copy from the store... instead of purchasing the rom directly from nintendo... I am a little curious though as to whether the R4 will actually work on it because I would like to play my homebrew games on it without the whole thing being bricked because i'm using something exploiting an auto boot fault :/

but other then that I'm really excited! =D

When I get it I'll eventually post some pictures and such on here ^^


Shit days are inevitable, this much is true

But when something goes so bad nothing else can make it worse, it eventually slingshots and makes things so much better for you in the long run...

Today I followed my usual routine of events for a wednesday
  1. Train to tafe
  2. buy a drink before tafe
  3. Tafe until about 3ish
  4. train home
  5. walk home due to no money
  6. laze at computer for 20 minutes counting up money to see if money bank holds anything near a train ticket
  7. go to chatswood poker
  8. swipe card and collect loosing ticket for cash draw 
  9. sign up for poker
  10. play poker 
  11. loose at poker
  12. feel butthut because of retarded gameplay during poker
  13. train to beecroft, walk home, go to sleep
Well... NORMALLY that would be what the day would be like... except for the fact that number 8 was the complete opposite, which threw out the rest of the list! ... well... except for 12... i was still a little butthurt because of my retarded gameplay of poker haha... but anyway...
 I WON $200 TODAY, best fucking turn of events since that time I was in QLD and I found about $2,000  scattered across the ground which got my family into Seaworld... or the time I won a $6,000 fridge and a box of twisties when I was in year 6 from Nova969

New Tattoo Design for my back

So, that urge to inject large amounts of ink into myself for the sake of self-satisfaction and art has arisen again, I've asked 3 people from 3 completely different countries if they would like to draw a design for me to have placed upon my back.

I'm looking forward to the results because everything I've tried to draw has come out really horribly demented and just darn right awful... Mainly because my brain and basically my everything else just doesn't want to work with each other anymore... which results in many annoying problems, such as completely forgetting really important things and remembering really fucking stupid things, such as the time where I used to play "Karate" on the trampoline with my brother and we'd take turns trying to do flying kicks into each other but with only me succeeding in doing any damage (like kicking him in the face and almost breaking his nose), because my brother used to be really horribly unco... well... he's still unco, but not as much anymore... yeah... all me and my brother really did (and still do) is fight, after he became a complete jackass we stopped being brothers and became full blown rivals, fortunately I'm Gary Motherfucking Oak in this timeline and i'll always be >9000 steps ahead of him in everything... except for being a retard, he can keep that crown, I've got no use for it...

but yeah, anyway... back to the point...

Within the red square is where I've asked for the placement of the designs

Results will be posted when and if all three people reply, the reason I've chosen them is because I consider them close friends and great artists judged from what i've seen them post.

Names and dA links will be posted too if they'd like. ^^


bored in class...

1 – using your imagination describe a realistic scenario that may occur related to your selected emergency.

In your description make sure you detail
  • the damage or threat
  • the location
  • the parties involved
  • describe the visible injuries

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there was a child in his late 40's. His name was BARRY, Barry was a good boy and loved to follow the rules and regulations that were explained to him by his handy little book of emergency procedures.

One day, while Barry was walking to his TAFE, he heard on the radio that there was an asteroid that had fallen to earth destroying most of the area and leaving STRUCTURAL DAMAGE to most of the buildings in the TAFE, Barry was was shocked! Not once had this ever happened once in his 40 years of childhood, but still he continued towards the TAFE too see what the ending result looked like.

Once Barry had gotten to the TAFE, he met his friends, they had all heard about the incident too. He asked them what they should do because he had no idea, as listening in class wasn't his strong suit. They all decided that it was a good idea to go into the TAFE and discuss all the structural damage that had occurred because of the collision of the TAFE with the asteroid.

While they were going in, what they failed to notice was the sign in the front of the TAFE telling them that everything inside was UNSAFE and not fit for people without proper training to enter the perimeter, because anyone that did was in risk of being crushed by falling buildings.

Barry and his friends were happily walking around, pointing out things that were wrong with the TAFE after the ASTEROID incident when suddenly a building collapsed on Barry, killing him instantly, his friends all crowded around him gasping at the horrific sight of blood and guts that had sprayed out of his body because of the collapsed building.

Billy, one of Barry's friends decided that this was too much for him so he pulled out a gun and shot himself in the head...

Action should be taken to quickly survey buildings for any signs of structural damage and any so affected should be placed off-limits.


class, script writing

~Today is Monday, we have two special people in our class, one of which likes to talk about idiotic things and how he's not actually human~

His "view" continuously likes to be blurted out.
 As an example, think of something, like the possibility of life on other planets, now think of something completely fucking retarded (e.g. The "I'm actually an animal when no-one's looking" type Furries)... now mix them both together, that's his view on the subject.

Some people Kids with downs should keep their mouths shut, or at least employ a human filter to make sure what they're saying is actually not something that will make you scream on the inside every time they make a sound remotely intelligible.

That is all.

EDIT: Mostly everything as been re-worded because writing on a mobile is not a good idea when making a blog




I always have the greatest time at tropfest, although this is the first time in 3 or 4 years that I haven't volunteered, lets hope my decision doesn't mean I miss out on a free video camera or something like that xD

(although by the looks of things the only way something like that would happen is if sony became the main sponsor again...)

If anyone wants to know more about it and live in australia you can go to

Tropfest 2008

Old picture is old


Mobile Wifi hotspot for TAFE now

Well, it's been 4 days and I'm already completely over the DET's version of the internet, I got credit today and decided to look for software that would transfer mobile internet over Wifi instead of Bluetooth or USB

The reason I chose Wifi over Bluetooth or USB is because:
  1. The bluetooth application that came with the dongle always crashes my computer due to a looping bug, I would also have to use the dongle because for some reason my computer doesn't have bluetooth built-in... work that one out... and
  2. USB means that I would have to use the Nokia software that came with the phone and that doesn't always work for some odd reason
the software I'm using is called JoikuSpot and is available on a wide range of Mobile Phones and mobile phone stores (e.g. OVI store, The Windows Live store etc.)

It's also available for Symbian 3 mobiles (which as far as I know only run on Nokia phones)

You can also Download/Purchase the software from the website

There are two versions you can use, the Premium, which is 18 euros
or the "light" version which free, but is only good if you're not around anyone using a wireless device (you can't encrypt the signal in the free version which is no good for people who don't have a large data allowance) so be wary of that.



the temperature was 39 degrees today... tomorrow it's not going to be much better at 36

If there was someone in charge of the weather, I'd sure as hell love to be strangling them right about now



Another Update on my life

Well, as I haven't been blogging recently I decided that I'd give everyone a small update on what's happening

1. I've Completed getting all the Ranma One-half Episodes and movies and am half way through season 7 of 9
2. I've Completed getting all of the Card Captor Sakura Episodes and movies and am on Episode 20
3. I'm 57% through getting all the 200 Episodes of Sailor Moon

And you can judge me all you like based on those three points because you're most likely correct, I have no life at the moment.

Although Yesterday I saw "the room" yesterday with a few friends and the day before that I was at another friends house party, that was pretty interesting...

I can safely say though, that "The room" is quite possibly THE MOST SHIT MOVIE I HAVE EVER SEEN! 
It even beats Pink Flamingos... and that was really horrible... if you don't believe me then go see both of them and tell me I'm wrong...
mmm, so, yeah... that's pretty much it...
on a side note, on the 27th I'm going to enrol in a bridge course to get into communicative media or something at UWS... hopefully I'll make it.. I would actually like to make something of my life and not become some overweight disgusting generic slob that works in a fast food restaurant and lives with his parents and anime figures that jacks off to them every night... although I'm pretty sure I'll die before something like that happens... you know... with the amazing track record that I have with the stupid things I do... e.g. playing frogger with traffic, drinking to excess, walking alone past midnight... the usual teenage shit you see and hear about on the news

(there was something here previously but it's not necessary at the moment)


New Year, New Ambitions

Well kinda... This year I'm going to start my schooling adventure again...
1st year = TAFE (I'm not looking forward to this part) but if I pass it then,
2,3 & 4th years = Uni (hope to god)

And I swear on the life of my wallet that if for whatever reason I don't pass my tafe year I will burn down everything within a 500,000ft radius... so... you'd better hope I pass wahahaha

In other news, I've started to watch Ranma One-Half again... only, because I don't have the DVD's anymore I have to download them... it's annoying because to keep the internet at a reasonable speed I have to have the upload capped at 6kb/s so my download speed is pretty much set to 60kb/s and occasionally i'll hit 140kb/s ... but not for long... this makes me a sad panda... however on the bright side I'll actually be able to see all the episodes and not have to worry about my scratched disks skipping... because they do that... waaaaaaaaaayyyy too much...
 Ranma One Half
Oh well, off to poker