Website Update 14/6/11

I've updated the navigation links, they should all change to readable words when you put your mouse over them and they should also all go to mentioned pages, e.g. downloads goes to downloads page etc.

I've also added in a downloads/podcast page using a dropbox rss feed and a box download panel so that if I find any good/interesting pictures/files or decide to release my voice casts on the net I can just place them in a folder and the rss feeder will inform anyone on the site after they refresh the page, although it takes about 5 minutes for feedburner to catch on about a new upload by the looks of things... not a real problem though, it's not like I get any visitors anyway haha

Just a tit-bit

Refreshing the page 30 times in a vain attempt for me to think "Hey, I've had 30 hits in a second!" isn't going to do much... or even make me remotely happy, I can also see how many individuals came to my site, so you aren't doing anyone any favours, however, if you can't get the page to load and you need to (for whatever reason) refresh your page 30 times in a second to get it working, then go for your life, I'm still not going to see your blog or the site you came from, that would most likely encourage you.

(Also my counter records individual IP's, So the page count isn't going to go up by 30 either, I do this because I'm the main person actually coming here apparently)

So yeah...


another website update

I've now put in a feed of my DeviantArt gallery in the images area, getting the headings of the pictures to separate from each other doesn't seem to be working... nor does making them go horizontally and bricking downwards... any successful help on fixing this site would be appreciated and praise would be given to the person, along with a mention on all the social networking sites I am on =)

You can visit my site here: http://legendsofgaming.chocoboheaven.com/
and the images page is here: http://legendsofgaming.chocoboheaven.com/images.htm