Silent Hill: Downpour

Hooray! I've finally finished this game!, I got it on Tuesday the 25th of September (a month later than it should have been) and started playing it on Wednesday the 26th because I had to hand in an assignment on Tuesday... which I didn't actually do until wednesday because I have a horrible time concentrating for some reason... 99% sure it's not A.D.D. though lol... 

But yeah, while I really enjoyed playing this game, I find things that really fucking annoyed me... for instance, the fighting controls, as well as the more than occasional glitching... but that could have also been due to the hot weather over heating the playstation... the loading screens were ridiculously long as well... apart from that, the story and overall enjoyability of the game was great! I really had fun with the game, and even though it got horribly difficult closing the end, if they hadn't done it, the game would have been such a big flop in my opinion...

So, if you've been thinking of purchasing this game, and see if on sale at a game store, I recommend you play it!

It was much better than homecoming horror-wise.

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