My Website and the end of the world

For quite a while I used to have my own website hosted on a site called "Chocoboheaven", for most of this year (If not, maybe all of it) the website has been down (and so has mine). I am going to assume that this is because the owners of the site have stopped payment of the server, and because of such a reason, have been removed from the net.

For the moment, I am currently hosting my website at another location, but the downtime and access of this server is currently ridiculously horrible and unreliable, so don't really expect much from it.

You can access the new server at nokel.twilightparadox.com:81

If the site doesn't load straight away, don't worry, just go into the link and press enter, I had to make the port 81 because the default (80) is blocked by ISP for some unknown reason... Probably so I don't host my own website because they're greedy whores...

However, if the website doesn't load at all, it's probably because the computer has been shutdown...

As I said, don't expect much from it at the moment, it's only temporary.

P.S. if you don't know about this site, you're missing out on the countdown to "the end of the world".

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