Life update

So yeah, I haven't really been on here lately as anyone who regularly reads my blog would know, so i've decided to give you a mildly detailed update on what's happening...

1. I've decided that I'm going to attempt to get into university at UWS doing fine arts or something along the lines of the artistic nature.

2. I started playing Mass Effect 2 and it really is as good as the second one, I'm not going to say that it's better though... because it's not, it's basically the same game only the graphics, storyline and a few of the characters have changed

3. during the recent two months, I have started learning/playing texas hold 'em poker, I must say, it's pretty fun hauling all those chips in when you win a round... even if you don't always get alot all the time... but that's not the point, on monday I went to a game and was awarded a seat in the regional game, I'm really excited because luck really isn't my strong suite haha

but yeah, Hope you're all doing well and if I don't post anything before the 31st HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! =D

also, only two or so more years until well all die in some awesomely tragic way hoooraaaaayyyyy~
thanks Mayans for not telling us how we're all going to die though... I like spoilers... to an extent


  1. My opinion on a fine arts degree is that if you need to pay $5000/year tuition to study painting and drawing, you shouldn't be a painter/drawer. It's more of an organic thing that you need to discover yourself. Besides, if you're looking to get a job in that world, I bet that the members of the fine arts community woudl value years of experience as a stagewright over 4 years in school any day.

  2. well if you want to get into some sort of career in arts over here, you actually need a degree unfortunately