New Year, New Ambitions

Well kinda... This year I'm going to start my schooling adventure again...
1st year = TAFE (I'm not looking forward to this part) but if I pass it then,
2,3 & 4th years = Uni (hope to god)

And I swear on the life of my wallet that if for whatever reason I don't pass my tafe year I will burn down everything within a 500,000ft radius... so... you'd better hope I pass wahahaha

In other news, I've started to watch Ranma One-Half again... only, because I don't have the DVD's anymore I have to download them... it's annoying because to keep the internet at a reasonable speed I have to have the upload capped at 6kb/s so my download speed is pretty much set to 60kb/s and occasionally i'll hit 140kb/s ... but not for long... this makes me a sad panda... however on the bright side I'll actually be able to see all the episodes and not have to worry about my scratched disks skipping... because they do that... waaaaaaaaaayyyy too much...
 Ranma One Half
Oh well, off to poker


  1. I got it from google... 50megs can suck my balls >.<