Mobile Wifi hotspot for TAFE now

Well, it's been 4 days and I'm already completely over the DET's version of the internet, I got credit today and decided to look for software that would transfer mobile internet over Wifi instead of Bluetooth or USB

The reason I chose Wifi over Bluetooth or USB is because:
  1. The bluetooth application that came with the dongle always crashes my computer due to a looping bug, I would also have to use the dongle because for some reason my computer doesn't have bluetooth built-in... work that one out... and
  2. USB means that I would have to use the Nokia software that came with the phone and that doesn't always work for some odd reason
the software I'm using is called JoikuSpot and is available on a wide range of Mobile Phones and mobile phone stores (e.g. OVI store, The Windows Live store etc.)

It's also available for Symbian 3 mobiles (which as far as I know only run on Nokia phones)

You can also Download/Purchase the software from the website

There are two versions you can use, the Premium, which is 18 euros
or the "light" version which free, but is only good if you're not around anyone using a wireless device (you can't encrypt the signal in the free version which is no good for people who don't have a large data allowance) so be wary of that.

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