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So, I recently decided that I'd start to use my tablet again on my main tower computer because I was directed towards a (what I'm pretty sure it new) drawing site from reddit... yes, I know... reddit is a hole, and steals memes and kills them, but whatever, Doodle or die is actually a really well crafted page/site and the people that come up with things are even more delightful, it's rather hilarious watching people define what you've drawn and see other people draw what the person before them has described... but then you also have trolls... although the trolls seem to be slightly more intelligible than your regular trolls... excusing the ones that just scribble which ... well... yeah...

Anyway, back to what I was saying, I started to use my tablet again and found out that it's almost not working any more because the wire that connects it to the computer is slightly fucked, which is rather annoying because that tablet set me back around $300 if I remember correctly... oh well, it lasted a decent enough time period (5 years) which is actually a little longer than i've had this computer which is pretty cool...

And now for an example of Doodle or Die
Top image: A troll, trolling.
Bottom Image: Genius.

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