Upcoming events and a little on icecream sandwich

Soon there shall be another person living in my house that isn't related to me, this will be the first time in about five years that something like this has happened... Also, this time I'll be travelling around showing her the sites which will be rather interesting because I've wanted to go out adventuring for a while now, so I'm quite excited!

Also, in other news, the new firmware for Android has been released in Australia for Samsung phones which is awesome because gingerbread had an annoying amount of things it couldn't/wouldn't do and this one can/will I've only found a few annoying things so far such as; reduced battery time, lagging on certain events, lack of screen capture, lack of option to reduce screen brightness to minimum, no roboto font or option to use it, no option of panorama camera and a few others... I would like these things to be fixed, but unless a significant amount of other people agree, I don't see it happening unfortunately...

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