Yup, it's all gone and nothing remains WAHAHAHA!

I am bald, it's all gone now, nothing remains except all the rubbish that my friends left... they were drinking alcohol in my room and I was not... what's up with that...

Well, I guess it had something to do with the fact that I didn't want to cut my scalp when I was removing the rest of my hair... and boy, was there a lot of hair... it took me (with the help of the others) about 2 hours to completely take all of it off... now everything is cold and I have to wear a beanie or a hood to keep me from getting chills haha...

New experiences are new...

This is the shortest I've EVER had my hair and I don't intend at the moment to ever do it again...

If you thought people turned and ran before, you should see them now, which is kind of annoying but also very amusing =P

And for people wondering, I managed to raise $4 (apart from what I donated) for cancer research because that's all that was donated from others, anyone want to donate some more?
Send your money here: http://www.acrf.com.au/donate-now/


  1. I'll give you some cash next time i see you. I would've donated if I'd been there.

  2. No worries, thanks muchly =)