The Last Story

Okay, first off, I don't care how popular this is with Europeans, the voice acting is absolutely horrible, I don't think I've seen/heard worse in a game series, what the hell were they thinking putting 20 year old cockney British accents on people who were obviously not British nor the age they sounded, they should have just kept the Japanese voices with the subtitles... which leads me onto part two... By changing what the characters said in the EU games meant that you had to basically rewrite the story, this is something that makes game story lines fail really badly, because the story isn't completely told correctly and things are left out, I really hate it when something is supposed to be really emotional and the European voice actor/director decides that's It's perfectly fine to lengthen what the character is saying by putting words in that aren't supposed to be there in the first place, it completely ruins the whole feeling and is just bad, stop it... Please!

The same goes with Animé, unless you're going to cast the character voices properly, I suggest you don't do it at all.

Apart from the voice acting, the games visual element is pretty awesome, It's what I would like to see in more Nintendo games, instead of all the colourful nonsense, you're going the right way if you don't want to see your company last very long in the first party sense...

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