First day of University


First day of Uni was today, I have to say, It could not have gone off any better, after the first lecture I made insta-friends, seriously, people wait entire lifetimes before finding a bunch of people who like the same things as much as you do to the same point (if not a little more) than you do, I have definitely found the right course to do, my tafe friends are great, but these people are honestly the most amazing people I have met in a very long time... although knowing me, I'm going to do something and fuck it up really badly, I always do... It'll most likely turn out to be something as small as someone finding this and being all like "WOAH, WHAT THE HELL?! I know I have a little bit of a messed sense of humour, but this guy is ridiculous... "

Second worst case scenario that is haha

But yeah, we were watching SHED.MOV on youtube, and that's when I knew for sure that I had met the holy grail of people I could be myself around with (for a second time)

Seriously, watch it, the whole series is fucking hilarious.

Actual learning wise, basically the whole course is a giant wank, assuming I can get my head around writing essays... Which for some reason I've never been able to do correctly... I just have to attempt at least a credit average and I'll be able to go overseas for exchange, which'll be hella fun assuming I'm able to go where I'd like to go...

I could not have hoped for a better first day!

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