Inception, Contact The Matrix

I just finished watching "Contact" with Jodie Foster just then, and I must honestly say without a doubt that I really liked it, I can't really say that about many films I've seen, because in reality, so many of them have sucked so badly especially lately, yes, ok, the quality of special effects has dramatically increased, but to make a film great without computer enhanced special effects means that you have great script writers and a great onset team of coordinators

but then you have the movies that obviously can't be made without computer enhanced special effects... lets say, for example...


Although people would like to think otherwise, that movie was the matrix, just instead of computer hackers and agents in a computer full of peoples digitized realities, we had body hackers and 'projections' inside a joined dream inside of a dream ^ >9000


  1. inception could have owned the fuck out of the matrix if they would have split it up over 3 movies.

  2. never thought of it like that