Your Future, I know it...

Honestly, I swear I can tell the future... when it began I told my self "It's not going to last, I am 100% sure of it"

Oh look, guess I was right... are you aware of how annoyed I am about that?

It's not just one situation, I told my self "no matter how well you begin in something, everything is eventually going to go wrong with it, be it the HSC, a relationship, a friendship, something is going to absolutely fuck it up in some way and OH LOOK ALL 3 OF THOSE SAID THINGS HAVE BEEN FUCKED OVER... honestly the only future event that I hadn't predicted was that one of my Wales friends would stop talking to me...

I guess it's my fault that it happened, as much as I absolutely fucking loved that country and the people I met there, I guess my presence wasn't really welcome by absolutely everyone in the end, which is a real pity because they were honestly great people, I just kinda wish that they would have told me what I had done (or was doing) wrong at the time rather then later on... oh well... What's done is done I guess? :/

I think you should just ignore me really... this is more of a hot air valve to be honest (in other words. i'm letting off a bit of steam because i'm in a conversational mood and no-one seems to want to talk to me because they want to 'sleep')

And just to make this a tad more interesting for people who don't give a shit about what I think... FORNICATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!