George Lucas and Future rant

Are you absolutely sure that's a good idea? making 6 films that weren't filmed in 3D into 3D films?

... I don't know about you guys, but i'm pretty sure that you should NEVER touch a perfect film... look what happened to fucking Indiana Jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull... I'm pretty fucking sure you messed that bitch of a movie up you sneaky fuck... Starwars 3D link

mm... so anyway, on another topic, I was watching TV for the first time in ages, and decided to watch the station "7 Mate" because they had two shows on that seemed to be somewhat interesting... one of them was called warehouse 13 and the other was... something else of which I can't remember the name of, but it involved really horrible underestimates of what the future holds and how much memory the human brain could be contained in... because for some reason... in the future they still use less then 200 terabytes in the average household and have trains that are also spaceships that can go 2 times faster then the speed of light... according to them apparently the brain is only 100 TB in size... which seems like a really retarded estimate, because even if the brain were to be compressed into data, I'm sure the amount of memories, motor controls, feelings, and main conciousness alone would be roughly 150 terabytes large (1024 gigabytes = 1 terabyte) unless somehow they managed to make a code that could safely maintain a good looking image/sound/taste/smell without completely messing it up when it's eventually uncompressed into a virtual brain or another person's

I'm sure someone's going to make a comment about how I'm grossly out of proportion in my predictions... so y'know... whatever...


  1. There's more truth in this than meets the eye. Supporting your thought on Lucas 100%, the guy is a moron.

  2. thanks for following and yeah, he's all in it for the money now, which is quite a disappointment because as moronic as he is, he sure did know how to make a movie

  3. 100% agreed, so many people get greedy after awhile.