Hacktendo Wii

Yesterday I finished hacking the firmware on my nintendo wii, enabling it to be used to it's full power of playing games that I originally had and don't want to pay for again, because $20 on top of the $70 I had already payed in the first place really is an outrageous thing >.<

Plus it also means that I can play My wii games without getting them out of the cases and risk my siblings fucking up the disks with their grotty hands *evil glare*

To be completely honest It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be...but then again i do have the first generation wii's that didn't come with all the new security features (which i'm glad I don't have)

Next on the purchasing reel, the Nintendo 3DS, when I get that console, along with Ocarina of time (If the rumor is true then my gaming life will be complete... more or less) ... and if oot doesn't come out in 3D... i'll be quite upset about it, but hey, A portable console with the ability to project and take 3D images? FUCK YEAH NINTENDO!

Sony and Microsoft really can suck my dick, because as much as people don't want to hear it, nintendo really does (and always has) own the shit out of everything relating to games.


  1. Nintendo rapes the casual market, and i don't think sony or microsoft have the capabilities to compete with it, even now.

    However, it does this at the cost of the hardcore gamers. You can't game properly on a wii. It just doesn't have the games or the control required.

  2. i totally agree with you, and my heart will allways be with nintendo.
    i play my xbox much more. it sucks, and i feel like a dick, but the huge games library and online play sway me.
    though i'm keen for epic mickey.