The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (and a little on oot 3ds)

So for the past few weeks I've been playing Skyward Sword, and I must say, It's pretty freaking awesome.

I can't say that I love everything about it, but the game play is really fun and it's nice to see old things having new life breathed back into them...

Old things being the whip and the whole wind waker feel to it, which, in a way is cool, but in another way is really just appalling... realistic graphics made the zelda games even greater, the cartoon feel to skyward sword makes you feel like you're playing a game designed just for kids, Imagine how much better it would look had it been made to look realistically, the same way Twilight Princess was made... meh, just some food for thought, the game can be a little challenging in particular places if you don't think about things properly which is great.

I have to say, The most annoying thing about this game, is the character "Fi". Seriously, she's worse than navi. Navi wouldn't just pop up out of nowhere, give you a retarded percentage about where the next story plot point is and then beep at you every minute and a half if your battery is low on the controller or your hearts are low... I GET IT, MY BATTERIES/HEARTS ARE LOW, KINDLY FUCK OFF WITH YOUR ANNOYING BEEPING >.<

That being said though, the 3DS and navi after 3 hours of playing oot... god I hate nintendo for that, something like that should be optional, I don't care if I should take a rest or not, I'm feeling fine, I'm going to continue playing, kindly fuck off with your annoying SHIT!

There's also the whole "going around in a giant circle" thing that the game has going, that's also a bit annoying because I'd like to see newer territories rather than the same old ones over and over again... the xbox can do it on a 8gb disk, why can't you Nintendo? and don't give me this "it's a wii" shit, the wii isn't as bad as people make it out to be.

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