The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Okay, So, After something like two weeks of finding everything and such, I have finally finished the game...

Iit was pretty awesome, everything was nicely set in place and there were even "Oooooh, thaaat's why that is like that" moments... you know the ones...

However, Skyward Sword, as a game in the LoZ series (unless it's part of an alternate timeline) doesn't make all that much sense in the long run, as a game by it's self, it's rather amazing and really fun to play, but the last boss was a real let down, I finished him in 2 minutes flat... I was expecting something to happen the same way it did in the wind waker... or even twilight princess... but nup, as soon as he started talking, the game was over... it left me feeling really empty inside because my 13 year old sister could have finished that boss in the same period of time... GHIRAHIM WAS FUCKING HARDER THAN THE LAST FUCKING BOSS AND HE WAS FUCKING EASY!

Way to go Nintendo... Claps for you... I seriously hope the next game you make is much more challenging than this one... please?

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