Android Developer

For a while (going on 6 years now) I've wanted to develop applications for phones, and seeing as developing anything for a nokia's symbian is like flogging a dead horse, I've decided to start making applications for my Galaxy S2... and possibly other phones (we'll see, I don't intend on making anything big)

At the moment my Number 1. Goal is to make a very simple application that will work.

Right Now, It doesn't matter if it lags, or eats the battery really fast... (most likely due to really BAD non-malicious coding, or possibly really GOOD malicious coding haha)

In the distant future (If I make something that I consider a decent idea) I intend to make $0.99 applications, but we'll see... that's getting a bit ahead of myself at the moment...

I'd be happy with something that just says "Hello World"

So yeah, if you're interested in what I might have to offer keep an eye on this blog / my twitter feed because I'll most likely talk about it if anything new happens.

I'll also be posting screen shots of what I'm doing...

Still... I can dream...

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