Flight of the Conchords

Well, it looks like the simpsons really are dead... as much as I love Flight of the Conchords they didn't really do much help for the simpsons... seriously, they got to season nine, made a blatantly obvious apple reference and then killed them selfs and my respect for them... It's not like they're even really trying anymore to pretend to be original...
for example the old episodes had somewhat originality to them
krusty burger = McDonalds
tree house of horror episodes = horror movies
Bart = Dennis the Menace
Chief Wiggum = Edward G. Robinson, see, link
Duff beer = Guinness beer

whereas the new episodes have
"Mapple Computers"
"Mapple Mypods"
the starting of season 21 episode 20 is a GREAT BIG KICK IN THE NUTS for simpsons fans and pop haters featuring the song 'tik tok' by a retarded illiterate crack whore called Ke$ha

it's a bit of a short list, but I'm not going to get deeply engaged into it, as I can't really be bothered to try to remember to be honest... but the fact of the manor is that the matt greoning/script writers have decided that the look of the simpsons is much more inportant then the story of the episode... way to sell out you jerks...


  1. You're about 2 years late for this realisation. Simpson's has been dead for a while now.

  2. 2 years late with blogging about it, agreed