So, um... whoo...

Yup, it happened, I finally found out what the hell was wrong with my desktop... turns out that when a cable is half a millimetre shorter then it's supposed to be, you're going to have issues later on with it... ah well... the computer seems to be not as freez-y... so I'm going to hope that i've fixed the issue, and i'm not going to have issues with it for a while...
SPORE is still freezing randomly... I'm assuming it's because I "installed" it wrong , or something along the likes of that...

Also,  I had the most epic dreams involving slaters (the small bug) in KFC chicken, pornos, black people, edy, trains and carns xD

boy, can i use my imagination, or what :P


  1. Please oh god tell me that i was in no way related to the pornos or black people... Or both... =S

  2. haha, nah, i woke up just after i gave you my stuff to hold before i got frisked by the big naked black guy xD... big as in tall :P