No Hostile Life detected as of yet... or any at all really...

So yeah, still playing SPORE... although my computer's decided to have a great big bitch fit and not work correctly (I have a suspicion it's jealous of the shiny new British Acer laptop that I got while I was overseas) Which means that when I advance to a new level it decides 'oh, you seem to be having somewhat of a fun time, here let me help you with that... ERROR!' and in which I promptly reply by going ¬_¬" and glaring at it for about 10 minutes because I have a stupid habit of not saving my game every hour or so... annoyance... ah well...

on another note, my 5 day of trying new foods was pretty interesting today because my drama group from high school decided to have a reunion today at a Thai restaurant, I had for a Starter Satay Chicken which carrots and some sort of white noodley stuff and for the Main Course I had Yellow Curry with beef, which was really great, I quite enjoyed it =D

as for what I'm going to do next week, I've decided that I'm slouching too much and getting lazy, so I'm going to try to do some physical exercise for a week and see how that goes...english acer laptop
Note; this joke took more effort then expected and longer then necessary

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