Google ad-sence, Nostalgia and 3DTV

 Oh hai guiez, I just sold out... hooray.

Anyway, Today was quite an interesting day, I was on youtube for once and was looking through the 90's stuff that used to be on ABC when I was much younger, I found my childhood, i was literally screaming because of sheer happiness, it's a pity tv shows aren't like they used to be... they were much better then... now everyone's all fussed about their shiny new DVR's and digital HDTV reception and how tv shows should be more focused on what something looks like then what should be on it...
I'm going to be blunt. Digital Television can suck on my balls, I don't care if the reception is 'crystal clear' ... if it means that I can't watch the shows that I want to then it can go to hell for all I care. here's an example... when I had an analogue tv tuner I got the channels ABC, 7, Nine, Ten, SBS and TVS, now with the digital reciever all I get is Nine*, Ten*, 7*, and on rarities SBS* I don't really care at all that the channels have affiliate channels because whats the point of having them when they all play the same bloody things... I miss ABC >.>

On another note, has anyone noticed the 3D-TV hype? because I'd be surprised if you haven't... anyway, the whole 3D-TV thing that all the companies are jumping on board with is a crock of shit... seriously, the glasses don't need batteries to function if they're created not to, if greater union doesn't charge you money for batteries then a stupid tv company shouldn't either. that's why i'm really happy with Nintendo's newish invention the 3DS, which incorporates the new 3D polarity 'technology' with the use of a secondary screen that does away with the need of wearing crappy glasses to see the images... also there's a rumor that ocarina of time's going to be on it in 3D.. which I will be the first in line to receive if it's the last thing I do!

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