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~Today is Monday, we have two special people in our class, one of which likes to talk about idiotic things and how he's not actually human~

His "view" continuously likes to be blurted out.
 As an example, think of something, like the possibility of life on other planets, now think of something completely fucking retarded (e.g. The "I'm actually an animal when no-one's looking" type Furries)... now mix them both together, that's his view on the subject.

Some people Kids with downs should keep their mouths shut, or at least employ a human filter to make sure what they're saying is actually not something that will make you scream on the inside every time they make a sound remotely intelligible.

That is all.

EDIT: Mostly everything as been re-worded because writing on a mobile is not a good idea when making a blog


  1. I'm not entirely convinced you know what you're saying half the time. But that's a debate for another day.

  2. most of the time I just let my mouth do the talking... my brain doesn't like work...

    lets... stick with that... haha