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1 – using your imagination describe a realistic scenario that may occur related to your selected emergency.

In your description make sure you detail
  • the damage or threat
  • the location
  • the parties involved
  • describe the visible injuries

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there was a child in his late 40's. His name was BARRY, Barry was a good boy and loved to follow the rules and regulations that were explained to him by his handy little book of emergency procedures.

One day, while Barry was walking to his TAFE, he heard on the radio that there was an asteroid that had fallen to earth destroying most of the area and leaving STRUCTURAL DAMAGE to most of the buildings in the TAFE, Barry was was shocked! Not once had this ever happened once in his 40 years of childhood, but still he continued towards the TAFE too see what the ending result looked like.

Once Barry had gotten to the TAFE, he met his friends, they had all heard about the incident too. He asked them what they should do because he had no idea, as listening in class wasn't his strong suit. They all decided that it was a good idea to go into the TAFE and discuss all the structural damage that had occurred because of the collision of the TAFE with the asteroid.

While they were going in, what they failed to notice was the sign in the front of the TAFE telling them that everything inside was UNSAFE and not fit for people without proper training to enter the perimeter, because anyone that did was in risk of being crushed by falling buildings.

Barry and his friends were happily walking around, pointing out things that were wrong with the TAFE after the ASTEROID incident when suddenly a building collapsed on Barry, killing him instantly, his friends all crowded around him gasping at the horrific sight of blood and guts that had sprayed out of his body because of the collapsed building.

Billy, one of Barry's friends decided that this was too much for him so he pulled out a gun and shot himself in the head...

Action should be taken to quickly survey buildings for any signs of structural damage and any so affected should be placed off-limits.

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