Shit days are inevitable, this much is true

But when something goes so bad nothing else can make it worse, it eventually slingshots and makes things so much better for you in the long run...

Today I followed my usual routine of events for a wednesday
  1. Train to tafe
  2. buy a drink before tafe
  3. Tafe until about 3ish
  4. train home
  5. walk home due to no money
  6. laze at computer for 20 minutes counting up money to see if money bank holds anything near a train ticket
  7. go to chatswood poker
  8. swipe card and collect loosing ticket for cash draw 
  9. sign up for poker
  10. play poker 
  11. loose at poker
  12. feel butthut because of retarded gameplay during poker
  13. train to beecroft, walk home, go to sleep
Well... NORMALLY that would be what the day would be like... except for the fact that number 8 was the complete opposite, which threw out the rest of the list! ... well... except for 12... i was still a little butthurt because of my retarded gameplay of poker haha... but anyway...
 I WON $200 TODAY, best fucking turn of events since that time I was in QLD and I found about $2,000  scattered across the ground which got my family into Seaworld... or the time I won a $6,000 fridge and a box of twisties when I was in year 6 from Nova969

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