New Tattoo Design for my back

So, that urge to inject large amounts of ink into myself for the sake of self-satisfaction and art has arisen again, I've asked 3 people from 3 completely different countries if they would like to draw a design for me to have placed upon my back.

I'm looking forward to the results because everything I've tried to draw has come out really horribly demented and just darn right awful... Mainly because my brain and basically my everything else just doesn't want to work with each other anymore... which results in many annoying problems, such as completely forgetting really important things and remembering really fucking stupid things, such as the time where I used to play "Karate" on the trampoline with my brother and we'd take turns trying to do flying kicks into each other but with only me succeeding in doing any damage (like kicking him in the face and almost breaking his nose), because my brother used to be really horribly unco... well... he's still unco, but not as much anymore... yeah... all me and my brother really did (and still do) is fight, after he became a complete jackass we stopped being brothers and became full blown rivals, fortunately I'm Gary Motherfucking Oak in this timeline and i'll always be >9000 steps ahead of him in everything... except for being a retard, he can keep that crown, I've got no use for it...

but yeah, anyway... back to the point...

Within the red square is where I've asked for the placement of the designs

Results will be posted when and if all three people reply, the reason I've chosen them is because I consider them close friends and great artists judged from what i've seen them post.

Names and dA links will be posted too if they'd like. ^^

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