Playstation 3 (blog filler because I plan to keep this blog relatively active)

So three days ago I got a call from a kid about an advert I put up on gumtree a while ago, I was advertising a trade of my 60gb xbox 360 (the non-slim version) for either $250 or a fat 60gb ps3.

Sounds kinda ridiculous, right?

For about 3 months I didn't get anyone contacting me about buying it... I got a few people emailing me because they were interested in buying it for some ridiculous price like $40 and such and I decided that I'd most likely be better off trading it into EB or something like that, so I told them that I'd be sticking by my offer...

After I had almost completely forgotten about the advert I put up I get a phone call from a person who sounds like he's about 35 asking if I've still got my xbox that I was advertising... I tell him yes and asked him if he was interested in buying it, he replied with "You mentioned that you were willing to trade for a PS3 console" I couldn't believe what I had just heard, I quickly reply with "Yeah, the fat 60gb model?", He replies with "Nah, I've got a 160gb slim" I think to myself "Is this guy serious? He wants to trade his 160gb playstation slim... one he can sell for about $400... for my crappy 3 year old 60gb xbox 360? Is he out of his mind? this has to be a joke..."

I tell him "Yeah, that sounds good, when are you free and where do you want to do the trade?" 
He replies straight away with "I can't really do anything for a few days, but how does saturday sound?"
I reply with "Yeah, that should be fine"

then we finish up the conversation...

About an hour later he calls me up again and says "Are you able to do the trade tomorrow?
Seeing as I've finished tafe and had nothing better to do I told him that I was free and willing to do it (because, hey, relatively free playstation 3, right?)

The day after we make the trade, It was pretty awesome and now I don't have to worry about paying to play online because the PSN is absolutely free to play on... which is good because I have no money to spend willy nilly...


I now have a Playstation 3 instead of an xbox 360

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    also cool story bro.