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I've decided to divide the direction I'm going with my devious blog of blogging...
I've tried to keep tonnes of useless whining out of it, but that seems to have failed... so I bid to the, the viewers of my blog, what would you like me to write about?

Things I don't mind writing about include
- Jokes/Humour
- Ranting
- Movie Reviews
- Television Reviews
- Game Reviews
- Art Reviews
- Dreams
- Experiences
- Photography

Things I will NOT write about

- Any form of Poetry (Unless I'm bored or in the mood of trolling)
- Poetry Reviews
- Anything deemed by me as "completely retarded"

Also today I decided to take a photo of myself and be an idiot in front of the camera again... last time I did this it involved hair dye and my eyebrows... this time it's eye-liner



Thankfully, the proportion of Idiocy emanating from my cranium isn't as high as other people I know or have seen online... but that would most likely be because whenever I do something like what was previously said, it is simply because I was bored and had absolutely nothing better to do... I'm glad my boredom wasn't as bad as it was last time... things could've been muuuch worse.


  1. maybe review games and movies.. in a poem?