+1 to mac adverts I guess

For what purpose would any sane person buy this piece of shit?

Honestly, the only logical reason someone would buy a mac over a PC would be for media purposes (editing, creating, sketching with a tablet)
To make something that thin and make it any more powerful then any normal netbook would be impossible at this moment in time without killing the battery life, which brings the question, why the fuck would a sane person buy a piece of crap like that?

- No CD/DVD/Blu-ray drive
- 2 USB 2.0 drives
- So fucking thin that it would break the instant minute pressure is applied to the screen

unless the said person is mac inclined, in which case, good for them, they can afford a pricey white paperweight (Y)


By the way, good luck finding it for less then $1,000 (They like money and profit from useless crap)


  1. why? what would you use it for?
    you can't do shit with a mac and you can do even less with that thing... unless you linux it I guess

  2. You can beat someone in the face with it.

  3. i want one just for the **** of it

  4. Yea I don't understand this macbook air. It's too small and fragile for my liking. I'll stick with my HP fatty.

  5. macs are cool, also +1 click