Movin' Out

Oh, how I so badly want to move away from all this annoying family drama, my brother won't get off my case, and my sister's started to act like a 12/13 year old year 7 kid, only she's not going to stop, I can tell you now, it's not going to happen >.<

And now that I'm 19 I feel that I've broken the promise that I made to myself and everyone else that I would move out when I was 18... issue with that is that I
1. don't have the money for it and
2. don't particularly want to move out and stay in some house which holds people I have no idea about...

If it were a uni house and I was going to uni I wouldn't mind though, because that would mean I'd have people close to my age I could relate to in some way :/

Ah well... whatever, I suppose in a way I won't have to worry if i'm going to starve to death or suffer some sort of stabbing in the house I'm living in... oh wait... scratch that last part... I still live with my brother... it's been 5 years and I still don't trust him after that... fucking jerk...