N8 & The Sisters of Mercy


I swear, as soon as I get stable pay, I'm going to get THIS as my new phone, I'm like... seriously, you guies... the only slight issue I might have with this phone is the quality of the camera... they boast 12 mega-pixels, but if the photo's are going to end up like they do with the 8500, then I honestly don't care much for it... but apart from that, its features are pretty awesome...

Nothing better then a green tinted night photo to piss me off... thanks for that Nokia 8500


On another story, I've started listening to a band called The sisters of mercy... Ironically named this band seems to be though, because only one of them is female, and none of them are related to each other, which I found rather amusing, give them a listen if you have time though, they're pretty decent... apart from like two songs of which I could have done without have hearing...

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