Super Mario Galaxy 2


So, for about a week now I've been addicted to this game... I think it's because I love adventure games... It's also the first Mario game on a console (other then the DS) that I didn't borrow off anyone else, which means I have time to actually enjoy it, which is good because it's an alright game... apart from the whole "who the hell is this bowser guy? he must be some gigantic monster or something" and the whole linear path thing...

Seriously though, it's pretty awesome game apart from some aspects, I thought it was going to be completely tailored for kids under 10 because of the whole 'cutesy' thing, but yeah...

Although don't take my word for it, if you see it at a video store rent it out and have a taste of it, if you like it and have money, then buy it, the Mario series is pretty good... except for its retarded brothers and cousins "Mario tennis, mario soccer, mario basketball" and the such...


  1. Mario soccer was pretty sick though. I enjoyed that game.

  2. mario for-the-win! love him!!